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Are you wondering what type of service we offer? is a professional editing and writing service that works with all types of orders. In addition to essays and research papers editors, we have a team of PhD copyeditors who are well-qualified for all types of academic editing of the highest level, including paper editing, journal editing, dissertation and thesis editing.If you need to get further information on types of the services we offer, please go to the special section for each type of work.

If you want to have the confirmation of the high quality of our professional editing service, please, visit the Testimonials page to read the reviews of our customers. We have helped thousands of satisfied students by making their average works just perfect. Besides, we have assisted many working professionals, specifically many PhD candidates used our service, in complying with international standards of writing and editing and formatting their works in terms of commonly accepted framework. Sometimes, it is better to concentrate on more important aspects of your research than boring formatting and editing. We know what to do in order to boost your progress and reveal your potential.


In addition to the superior editing techniques, our team is familiar with various citation styles and document requirements. We can format your paper according to any required citation style, including APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard, Oxford etc. Alternatively, we can adapt the formatting to the requirements of particular publishing institution and comply with their standards.

What are the benefits of using online editing essay services?

  • Our team consists of professional PhD academics that work or used to work in educational institutions. So, they know from personal experience all aspects of editing!
  • Check our impressive testimonials. Our former and regular clients will tell you more than we can. Here is just one of the reviews:

“Thank you very much for the great job you do! I couldn’t even expect that my torture prose can sound so eloquent and professional! I use this service anytime I need to present my studies to the advisory committee. And with every additional work done by specialists of I understand more and more the priceless value of their help! Thanks once more for your diligence and hard work!

Best regards,
Alex H. Harrison
PhD candidate
Applied Economics Program
University of Pennsylvania”

  • We have developed our own writing blog that contains many tips and pieces of valuable advice for writing and editing.
  • We give you guarantee: in case of any questionable situation, we are always ready to revise.
  • We have a list of clients who published successfully due to our professional help.

Here you can find more details about our academic editing:

We are Ready to Assist You Online with the Following Types of Written Works:

  • Documentation: citation, quotation, and works cited editing and formatting.
  • Preparing the footnotes and endnotes for your custom essay papers or dissertations
  • We check your works for all type of grammar mistakes, including comma splices, run-on sentences, verb tenses agreement, faulty parallelism, use of articles, split infinitives and more.
  • We correct all your stylistic flaws, such as wordiness, awkward constructions, etc.
  • We check the misuse of punctuation, italics and capitalization.
  • We add relevant tone and diction to your writing!
  • We check your paper for the optimal organization (unity, logic and coherence)
  • Paragraph and sentence structure.
  • We avoid repetition and spelling mistakes!
  • Finally, our professionals will help you even with the assessment of your content. They will evaluate how effective your support is and give you a precious advice on improvement.

Besides, when you order an editing service at, we will allocate the professional with the closest to your background. This guarantees that the editor understands the meaning of your research and findings. For the cheap price you pay to our staff you will get unlimited benefits! We guarantee that your work will be accepted with our professional help! Buy our service and add more time on some vital activities! Buy our service and let your academic talent boost!