Additional Services

Progressive Delivery (We Can Deliver Your Paper(s) in Parts)

Customers are given a lot of standard-size papers while they are at school or college but, sometimes, they are asked to complete assignments that are a bit out of the ordinary – perhaps longer papers (e.g., 10+ pages single-spaced or 20+ pages in double-spacing). Occasionally, as well as being longer, some of the papers they are given may also be more difficult and complicated. The progressive delivery service offered by can be very helpful in these situations since this method makes it a lot easier to manage these types of papers.

Key Features and Advantages

  1. Order tracking is made much easier with progressive delivery. This is because you have time to review our work (in parts) before your final deadline for submission arrives.
  2. More time to request free revisions. At, the standard time for sending in revision requests is 2 days but, with progressive delivery, you get 30 days!
  3. Your papers are written by expert writers and edited by highly qualified editors.
  4. Each order is given to an experienced writing manager whose job is to supervise the entire process, which includes facilitating contact between the customer and writer for the duration of the project and making sure the order is completed 100% to the customer’s requirements and satisfaction.

How sends your draft papers by progressive delivery*:

  • Where the customer agrees 4 days (or minus 4 days) deadline with, we complete 25% of the assignment and send it to the customer when half that deadline (50%) is complete. To explain this, here is an example: You order 20 pages from and give us 2 days to complete it. Once half that time is reached (1 day) we send you a part or draft equaling 5 pages.
  • Where the customer agrees 5-11 days deadline with, we respectively complete 25% and 50% of the assignment and send these parts to the customer respectively when quarter and half that deadline (25% and 50%) is complete.
  • Where the customer agrees 12 days or 12-plus days deadline with, we respectively complete 25%, 50%, and 75% of the assignment and send these three parts to the customer respectively when quarter, half, and three-quarters of that deadline (25%, 50%, and 75%) is complete.

The price of our progressive delivery service is surprisingly cheap – a mere +15% more than the price of standard delivery.

* Your personal manager will be delighted to discuss alternative delivery methods with you in the event this method does not suit you. They will work with you to devise a plan that meets your specific wishes and preferences.

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We Also Offer Additional Services to Customers with Shorter Assignments

If your paper is less than 20 pages long, you can avail of the following options:


In the event you need a 1-page draft of a particular paper, will gladly provide it. Once half (50%) of your original deadline is complete, we will send you either a 300-word or a 600-word draft (depending on whether you have selected double spacing (300 words) or single spacing (600 words) on the order form) So, if you have given us a 4 days deadline, you will receive your requested draft when 2 days of this time have passed.


A further service provides to our customers is the option of receiving longer papers as 1-page summaries displaying the most critical points from an entire text. If you are obliged to periodically report progress to a tutor or supervisor, you should find this option useful and, indeed, it is one that strongly recommends.

Extended Revision Time

Customers of are offered free revisions – indeed, we guarantee this - on every single order but, in the case of regular orders, revision requests need to be submitted in a specific timeframe – i.e. 48 hours – after we deliver your order. However, in choosing our “extended revision” service, you can extend the time for requesting free revision time from 2 to 14 days!