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When students are assigned papers, they frequently face challenges with the paper type, way of organization, and even with the preparation stage. Writing is tough and time-consuming so many students prefer to address college essay writing services even before exploring the topic and delving deeper into the paper structure and instructions. For some students, writing may seem easy at first sight but when they start to read all the requirements, comments, and professors’ recommendations, they wish they found someone to write the paper for them. Essay writing in particular demands a lot of work depending on the essay writing type. All in all, to be able to write an essay properly without assistance of college essay writing services, it is essential to know seven major types of essays. Read on and find out brief information about each type.

Seven Main Types of Essay Writing

Narrative essays

The main principle of writing a narrative essay is to tell your readers a story. When you get the assignment to write a narrative essay, your professor will most probably evaluate your ability to narrate a story in an understandable, logical, and interesting way. This thought may make you think that there is nothing simpler than to write a narration but actually it is not: when you are writing a narrative, you should make it vivid enough to make your target reader feel like he/ she is in the center of narrated events.

First of all, you should draw readers’ attention from the very first paragraph. Instead of being vague, it is essential to explain the turn of events in greatest detail. If you are not a master of writing narrations and narrating about events in a concise and distinct manner, then the best option here is to seek help from college essay writing services.

Descriptive essays

At first sight, it may resemble a narrative essay - especially for inexperienced students. However, the core difference is that you need to provide more vivid and detailed descriptions. If you are writing about an animal, you should describe it in the greatest detail; if you are writing about a man in a car, you need to describe both and only after that tell why you are writing about them. A descriptive essay predetermines that you need to paint a picture with words. Appeal to the readers’ senses and perception when describing things.

Explanatory essays

Explanatory, or expository, essays belong to the informative type of academic writing that provides a balanced topic analysis and evaluation. What to expect when you are assigned an expository essay? First of all, you need to provide an in-depth paper analysis with the help of updated statistics, facts, examples, and illustrations. Expository essays can be differentiated into various subtypes, such as “how to…” essay, compare & contrast essay, cause and effect essay, etc. Normally, students find it difficult to provide explanatory essays, so they are welcome to seek expert help from college essay writing services.

Persuasive essays

As you might have already inferred from the name, when you have to write a persuasive paper, you need to persuade your target readers in your standpoint, opinion or some existing fact. Mainly, the core function of persuasive writing is to convince others in your stance or perspective on a certain problem/ issue. You can browse persuasive kinds of essay and their examples to understand more clearly what a persuasive essay is. Apart from merely presenting your opinion, you need to provide solid facts and proofs taken from reputable sources or refer to expert opinions on the topic. Since persuasive essay predetermines extensive research, you need to make sure you know how to research the topic properly and how to choose credible scholarly sources. If you have some difficulties with it, feel free to seek help from custom writers. Look through college essay writing service reviews and choose the best company that can provide an effective piece of writing.

Argumentative essay

This is one of the most widespread four types of college essays apart from persuasive, descriptive, and expository. When you have to write an argumentative essay, you need to present two different sides of the same issue or problem. As a rule, the issue chosen for the topic is controversial. Therefore, when writing an argumentative essay, be sure to thoroughly research the problem and find for and against arguments.

Analytical essay

This type of essay writing requires from you to gather data from a wide range of sources and compare and analyze different existing viewpoints on the given topic. When you are writing an analytical essay, you are expected to focus on the literature review, main findings, methodology, and suggestions from previous research. Besides, you need to provide your own conclusion about the findings, significance of topic, and whether it was worth studying. Another section that is needed is recommendations.

Report writing

When you are asked to write a report, you need to adhere to business format of writing. Usually, students are asked to write a report on a case study (a legal issue, a workplace scenario, etc.).

All in all, essay writing is not easy and it requires from you to spend much time on preparation and writing. One way to ease your life with college writing assignments is to seek help from professional writers. Expert writers will provide you help not only with the abovementioned essay types but also with multiple types of college application essays.

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