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The topic of immigration is particularly relevant nowadays, thus it can be a subject for your high school or college paper. In Canadian educational institutions, immigration is a rather popular topic because of the nature of the Canadian multicultural society. If you are having any difficulties with writing an essay on Canada, then you should read our guide attentively as it contains a lot of helpful tips and suggestions. 

Canada is one of a few countries that are known for welcoming immigrants from all over the world. Foreign-born people are dreaming about living in this country as it is known for celebrating multiculturalism. It should be said that foreigners make about one-fifth of the whole Canada’s population. Immigrants have helped this country fuel economic growth and counter aging demographics. This means that immigration is a good topic for an essay on Canada as it can help the student address all the major fears and hesitations related to immigration, as well as explore the historical precedents.


How to Write an Essay on Canada?

So, how to approach a topic on immigration? Well, you should be ready that it will not be easy. You will need to spend a couple of hours or even days choosing a subject for your essay, researching, planning, and writing your paper. Just like any other academic essay, an essay on Canada should follow the highest writing standards. This means that such an essay should be well-structured, engaging, and detailed. All the sources you use when writing this paper should be cited in accordance with the formatting style requested by your tutor. 

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Let Us Have a Look at Some Popular Topics

When working on an essay on Canada, you are free to choose any topic as long as it is interesting and relevant. Below, you will find some ideas that will boost your inspiration:

  • Discuss the main merits of the immigration process.
  • History of immigration: literature overview.
  • Evaluate the racial implications of immigration;
  • Analyze the impact of immigration on employment.
  • How does immigration influence the economy of Canada?
  • In what way does immigration change Canadian educational institutions?
  • Analyze the main effects of immigration on society.

This list includes a lot of other interesting ideas. We assure you that the more material you study before you start working on your essay on Canada, the more ideas you will get.

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The Structure of the Essay on Canada Immigration

To help your reader understand the main points you introduce in your essay, you will need to follow the traditional essay structure. Below, you will find detailed information on all the main parts of an immigration essay:

1.  Introduction. The introduction is the opening part of your essay that familiarizes the reader with the topic, as well as helps understand its importance. Although you should not include too many details in your introduction, you will need to present some background info that should help your reader understand what is your paper about. Make sure to get your reader hooked with the help of an interesting fact, statistics, or a quote. If your reader is interested in what you are writing in your essay from the first lines, they will follow the rest of the ideas introduced in your paper. Finally, your opening paragraph should include a thesis statement that will inform your reader about a central idea of your essay.

2.  The main body. The way your main body will be written greatly depends on the essay type. For example, if you are writing a persuasive essay, you will need to divide it into a couple of paragraphs in which you will build the arguments that will convince your reader in the specific position. When moving from one paragraph to another, you should not forget about smooth transitions as they will help your reader understand the flow of your ideas easier.

3.  Finally, your essay on Canada should include a concluding paragraph in which you will summarize everything that was told in the previous parts of your essay. If you were trying to solve a specific problem in your essay, make sure to state your solution clearly.

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Common Tips on Writing an Essay on Immigration

Below, you will find some helpful remarks that will enable you to organize the writing process properly:

  • Carry out preliminary research;
  • Select an area to discuss
  • Formulate a thesis;
  • Create an outline;
  • Support your arguments with sound evidence;
  • Do not forget to proofread your paper.

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Final Thoughts

Undoubtedly, immigration has both its downsides and upsides. Since this topic is too broad, it is highly recommended to pick up a narrower subject to approach this topic from one perspective. The topic choice is particularly important as it will influence the entire writing process. We strongly recommend you pick up a topic based on what you are going to say. 

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