Cultural Diversity in Canada Essay Completion

Could you define the term diversity easily? Why is it of great significance whenever students apply for leading programs or educational establishments and need to compose? Are you well aware of how to complete a cultural diversity in Canada essay of supreme quality? Well, the majority of applications comprise the question that is aimed at encouraging the applicants with backgrounds of different minorities or ethnic groups, unusual types of education, unique experience, or original family histories to dwell on how these aspects could make contributions to the diversity of their class, community, or society in general.


Displaying Your Contribution to the Diversity

Well, nowadays, Canada is boasting of the highest percentage of foreign-born residents if compared with other G8 countries. Diversity in this country extends beyond ethnicity and race but spans gender, language, religious affiliations, sexual orientations, capabilities, socio-economic status, etc. As the world is constantly becoming more diverse and smaller, it is common for the teaching staff to ask their students to show their understanding of other religions and cultures by composing cultural diversity in Canada essay writings. Diversity has been considered to play and occupy one of the leading roles in the history and development of not only Canada but also other states. 

The topics of cultural diversity are very essential as the majority of modern students can work and live with people from one other culture or religion, if not many. It should be mentioned that there are several career fields, which are not affected by the need to be both culturally sensitive and aware. The key question is: How could students learn more about diversity in different contexts? Well, what is cultural diversity?

Cultural Diversity Essays that Could Be Assigned to Students

  1. Cultural diversity is to support the idea that each individual has positive and unique contributions to make in society.
  2. Emphasizing cultural diversity derives from understanding and learning about other people who differ.
  3. Discrimination among people hinders cultural diversity bloom.
  4. Contributions from various cultures enrich our society.
  5. Cultural diversity studies should be at constant checks even at the remotest locations.
  6. The exploitations of markets and workers under the effect of multinational corporations have negative effects on cultural diversity.
  7. The various cultural and religious backgrounds are the leading aspects of diversity recognition and realization.
  8. Cultural diversity rights should be enforced by various both profit and non-profit organizations, such as the UN and UNESCO.
  9. The preservation of ‘cultural minorities’ should be endangered at a global level.
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How to Compose an Essay on the Diversity?

The answer to the question on diversity should emphasize how your experiences and abilities have affected your empathy for different people, your character, your perspective, your resilience, etc. Whether your professors ask you how you conceptualize the concept of diversity or how you are capable of bringing or adding to the diversity of your educational institution, selected profession, career, or community, ensure you provide a clear answer to the specific question set. 

Below is an ordinary, three-part framework that could assist you in thinking of diversity. If you are one of the immigrants to the USA, the child of the immigrants, or a person whose ethnicity is one of the US minorities, you are capable of finding your reply to this question to be of great significance to your application efforts. Why? Well, you can utilize it to indicate how your background could add to various perspectives at the internship program that you are going to apply for. In case you are not an under-presented minority and fail to fall into one of the mentioned categories, this fact does not imply that you have nothing to dwell on.

If you decide to apply for a specific educational institution and have an original or unique experience to share, such as serving in the army, becoming a member of a dancing troupe, or taking care of the disabled person, apply your experience to present how you could bring diversity to your life or its aspects.

  • Identity and Personality: Who are you? What person are you? What or who has made contributions to your identity or personality? How could you identify yourself? Your personality may comprise any of the following: sexual orientation, ethnicity, gender, disability, multicultural background, non-traditional work experience, religion, non-traditional educational background, family’s status or educational level, etc.
  • Deeds: What have you performed or created? What have you managed to accomplish? All of the below-mentioned aspects or any of them may be unique. This may comprise:
  1. Achievements outside and inside your scientific field
  2. Military experience
  3. Community services
  4. Leadership positions, opportunities, pros and cons, etc.
  5. Professional or internship experience
  6. Opportunities in research completion
  7. Hobbies
  8. Traveling
  • Ideas: What do you consider? How do you get used to approaching various things? What could drive you? What affects you either in positive or negative ways?

Think of every question, as well as how you might utilize your diversity components to your family, classmates, school, community, or society. Any of these aspects could serve as a special framework for your piece of writing. You could become the first member of your family who would apply for college or to master English in your household.

As evident, diversity is not only limited to people’s ethnicity, language, sexual orientation, religion, culture, etc. It can be whatever aspect of your personality that makes you different from other people.

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Why Is Diversity Considered of Great Significance? Seven Ways to Compose Cultural Diversity in Canada Essay Writing

Some people would like to find about your diversity aspects and the ways they have assisted you in developing your traits or character, as well as the unique experiences that have managed to shape you. Below are 7 examples you are capable of writing about:

  1. You have grown up with a strong and unique insistence that the elders should be respected, family events should be attended by all means, or the native language, culture and traditions of your family should be learned by you.
  2. You are very close to your grandparents as they have taught you how cooperation and teamwork could assist in your life.
  3. You have had to experience numerous difficulties that derive from the values followed by your parents being in conflict with those of your friends or yours.
  4. Teachers do not always understand some aspects of your culture or different outside-of-school activities or situations and the ways they affect your performance.
  5. You have been suffering from discrimination and managed to succeed despite it, due to your grit, character, values, etc.
  6. You mastered skills from a specific lifestyle that deviates from the norms – living in foreign states as the child of the diplomats or expatriates; professionally performing in theater, music, sports, dancing, etc; or communicating with people with disabilities.
  7. You have encountered discrimination and racism (in reference to yourself or other people) and reacted by actively promoting and following tolerant and diverse values.

Take into account that it does not concern who your parents are; it concerns who you are yourself in your soul. Your ethnic background, influences, religion, language, personal points of view, working environment, skills, etc. – all of the above-mentioned factors lead to creating a unique personality, an individual who is capable of contributing to a diverse world in general and class or community in particular.

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