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Many online classes include discussion post boards being the basis of a specific course. A discussion post board is a great tool for discussing different topics with your classmates when it is the most convenient for you. When holding online dialogues, you need to strive mightily to create valuable posts.


Instructions to Help You Excel at Producing Online Entries

Instructions to Your Discussion Post Board

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Composing an A+ Discussion Board Post

A discussion board post is one of the common tasks in the academic schedule of an average student. Such as assignment assumes answering a certain question in an essay form on the online school board. This task allows improving writing, research, and analytical skills, as well as promote collaboration between classmates. A discussion board post is a perfect assignment for the students, who feel much more comfortable participating in online discussions. A discussion board post allows sharing viewpoints online, as well as responding to the opinions of other students. Given its intriguing nature, a discussion board post assignment is a favorite task for many students. However, if you think that it is a pretty simple assignment to complete, we assure you that it is not true. Very often, to answer the question suggested by the instructor, the student should collect enough credible evidence from both the primary and secondary sources.

What Makes a Great Discussion Board Topic?

Completing such an assignment will bring you even more fun and pleasure if you write it on a good topic that should boost the learning opportunities of the student. If you are allowed to choose the topic for the post on your own, make sure to consider the following points:

  • Your topic should fit the course content;
  • Your topic should suggest your own understanding of the specific subject supported by good evidence;
  • Your topic should promote group interaction. Very often, professors ask their students to reply to the posts of their classmates using their analytical skills. As such, your topic should be debatable and provide room for discussion.

Whenever you are writing your discussion board post on a topic suggested by your instructor, you need to divide your answer into two major parts “What do you think about the topic?” and “Why do you think so?” Remember that a good discussion board post is always a combination of your own experiences and credible evidence from academic sources.

Additional Tips

  • The best discussion threads should be substantial but very clear. You need to convey only the information that is most interesting and meaningful to your classmates. Make sure to always re-read your post before its submission. Also, we recommend you to copy and paste your thread into a Word document prior to posting in order to proofread the text thoroughly;
  • Before you start working on your post, you need to brainstorm ideas. Your professor and your classmates will enjoy reading your post only if it is informative and interesting. Thus, you need to work hard to pick up the best ideas for your post;
  • When replying to the posts of your classmates, do not just say that you agree or disagree with the viewpoint of your colleague. Try to apply your best analytical and critical-thinking skills to prove that the opinion of the other student is correct or incorrect. All in all, you should always be respectful to your colleagues.