Discussion Post Board

Many online classes include discussion post boards being the basis of a specific course. A discussion post board is a great tool for discussing different topics with your classmates when it is the most convenient for you. When holding online dialogues, you need to strive mightily to create valuable posts. The instructions provided below will help you excel at producing online entries.

  • Define the main idea. When dealing with a particular assignment, you need to identify its key purpose. For instance, if the task is to present your personal opinion about the issue, you should not put forward some arguments or statistical data. Make sure your posts meet the laid down specifications.
  • Get ready. If you are supposed to make a detailed analysis of a specific subject, you need to collect data about it first. If you are not knowledgeable about the matter, your answers will be inappropriate. Thus, your professor will understand you know nothing about the issue.
  • Avoid making mistakes. You should know that teachers always expect students to submit impeccable pieces of writing. It goes not only about academic papers, but also about online posts. Thus, you need to check whether your discussion post board includes a text editor. Otherwise, you should use a Word application for typing your entries. After producing the post, check it thoroughly for any types of mistakes.
  • Find out the grading rules. You need to be aware of the specifications according to which your professor will evaluate you. For example, you may obtain scores either for the number of your posts or their quality. Carefully study the grading requirements provided by your professor. Do not hesitate to ask your teacher about the cases when someone does not meet the established criteria.

  • Do not exaggerate. You may have great temptation to discuss some facets of your personal life by using the discussion post board. The only case when you can do it is when you need to share your personal experience while discussing a particular topic. However, you should know that some of your comments may be rather private. Thus, perhaps it is better to post queries offline and edit them before publishing.
  • Provide arguments. Note that your professor may want you to support your ideas with evidence. In this case, you need to make references to the sources you have used for preparing the post.
  • Set the schedule. You need to choose the date when you will contribute to a particular online conversation. Arranging a schedule is very important especially if you are involved in a few discussions and there are time frames for creating entries for each of them.
  • Make worthy posts. When assessing students, professor take into account both quality and quantity of the made posts. However, you may get a low grade even if the number of your posts is large. Here, it goes about inappropriately answered queries. Putting forward fresh ideas is much better than answering just “yes” or “no.” Remember that your entries should help develop the discussion.
  • Stick to the subject. Almost all online discussions are thematic. You need to make sure your posts relate to the topic. If it is allowed, you may create your own thread and begin examining the subjects closely connected with those discussed previously.
  • Follow your classmates. Examine how your classmates and professors respond to different queries. Check what word combinations or set expressions they use to describe various issues. It will help you create winning posts.
  • Pay attention to specific peculiarities. Note that the discussion board may give you some hints on how to make great posts. For instance, you may have an opportunity to check all the comments you have not read yet. Moreover, you may be able to see when other users have responded to your message. Thus, it will be easier for you to hold the dialogue.

Creating posts is one of the effective methods for sharing your knowledge of different subjects. Consider the presented prompts and you will be able to produce outstanding posts attracting users’ attention.

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