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Book Review Essay: Best Samples

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Sucessful Book Review Essays

Comparison between Contaminated Food in The Jungle and Today essay

In his well-documented book, The Jungle, Upton Sinclair reveals how food borne diseases make the society suffer pain and deaths. Possibly the book’s most important ciphers are the animal corpse and the slaughterhouse in the Packingtown. These ...

Dialogues on Metaphysics by Nicolas Malebranche essay

The book Dialogues on Metaphysics by Nicolas Malebranche was first published in 1688, immediately became popular, and as a result, was translated into English and several other foreign languages. At that period, Malebranche was the most popular ...

Equity in Education essay

Summary James Richard addresses the issue of equity in higher education. He is specific on equity because it is one the three effectiveness measures that seem to be the centre of attention in for higher education policy makers. In his specific ...

First They Killed My Father: A Daughter of Cambodia Remembers essay

Introduction War is an aspect that was common between different communities, regions and nations. This was attributed to the struggle for resources or power. Cambodia is no difference as it found itself in the midst of war after Chinese launched war ...

John Kasson and Leo Marx essay

John Kasson and Leo Marx have written the books that provide a thorough insight into the changes that shaped the American society. John Kasson's Amusing the Million: Coney Island at the Turn of the Century describes new social reality that has ...

Marshall Hodgson’s "The Venture of Islam" essay

Marshall Hodgson’s The Venture of Islam, Vol.3 is a magisterial book where the author traces and deduces the historical developments relating to Islamic civilization from the beginning of the 16th century. The author describes the second ...

Religion and Medical Practice essay

Durant, W. (1994). Caesar and Christ. New York, NY: MJF Books. Sometimes, spiritual and health matters become intertwined. To begin with, spiritual wellness is connected to the overall state of health. Specifically, a spiritually catered person has ...

Shaping a Christian Worldview essay

About the reading One of the greatest problems that face the church today is the lack of integration of faith into all life. If this problem is left unsolved, the churches create a legacy of Christianity that is neither compelling nor attractive. ...

St Augustine on Lying essay

In his book “On Lying” Saint Augustine analyzed the concept “lie” in all its aspects taking into the consideration intention of lying, moral side of liar, his will and circumstances which provoked lying. Without doubt, one ...

The Canar essay

The cultural anthropology book illustrates that exogamy can be divided into sections The sections include natural as well as cultural. In her book, Judy Blankenship gives examples of people who were involved in either naturally or culturally binding ...

The Five Dysfunctions of a Book essay

This is a business book written by Patrick Lencioni in 2002 It is a book that analyzes the failure of organizational amalgamations such as political organizations and teams. This book involves a fictitious company called DecisdionTech which is made ...

The Monk and the Riddle essay

Question One: What was surprising or different about this book relative to what you know about entrepreneurship? Before reading this book, the aspect of entrepreneurship that I had in mind was that of looking for opportunities in which to achieve ...

The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us essay

Points of emphasis in the book A powerful narrator, Daniel H. Pink, is, perhaps, one of the best writers of all times. He has done a real masterpiece of his book, The Surprising truth about what motivates us. This is a motivational book. The book ...

Truffle in Paradise in “Best Food Writing 2012” essay

In his well-documented work, “Best Food Writing 2012”, Holly Hughes describes how the development of fast food cafes, restaurants, bars, and other places that provide services of the fast food quite rapidly escalating. The author takes ...

Book Review: Tips on Writing

In this handout you will find useful information on how to write an excellent essay, report, and book review providing a critical evaluation of the selected (or assigned) literary text. You will get more familiar with the writing process and techniques how to perform it efficiently.

Review Definition

When you write a review, you provide a critical analysis and a detailed evaluation of an issue, topic, event or some other phenomenon. Reviews can be written in relation to artworks, books, movies, articles, fashion events, policies, performances, and so on. In this handout, the focus will be placed on book reviews. In case you need to get more information about other similar literary assignments, examine other handouts on the Internet concerning literature reviews.

What Makes a Good Review?

1)A review should present a central argument. Here you should clearly understand the difference between a review and a summary or report: the former one includes critique and personal commentary. In other words, you start a dialogue with the author of the analyzed work by contemplating the purpose and the reason of writing. When arguing about some issue, you can either agree or disagree with the author. In any of these cases, you need to provide argumentation why. When disagreeing, be sure to mention the areas of improvement: if the work lacks detailed information, recommend what kind of information should be included; if you have some remarks to paper organization, state clearly what is wrong with the one the author has. Clearly convey your main idea about the work in the thesis statement and further develop it in the body paragraphs.

2)Make sure the review is brief and concise. When it comes to writing reviews for newspapers, magazines or academic journals, they are mostly 1,000 words on average. However, in rare cases, there are longer writings also presented with extended commentaries. As such, reviews may be different in nature, style, topic, and tone. Still, the main structure is the same in all of them.

Structure of the Book Review

1)The first thing to provide in the review is to summarize the content of the analyzed text without delving into details. Just make sure you describe it accordingly and provide brief facts on the purpose, perspective, and the central argument.

2)Then you need to provide a critical evaluation of the content of the chosen work. It entails expressing your reaction to work, opinion, and critique. Ask yourself such questions on whether the writer was persuasive, whether he/ she achieved the initial aim of writing, whether the information was presented in an understandable and comprehensive way, and so on.

State whether you would recommend it to the audience or not

Sucessful Book Review Essays


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