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Narrative Essay: Best Samples

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Sucessful Narrative Essays

American Wasteland essay

Food wastage is a common phenomenon in the United States. In the book American Wasteland, Jonathan Bloom explores the economic, as well as environmental, impacts of food wastage. In an extensive way, Bloom shows how much unused food is thrown away ...

Cognitive Sense-Making essay

During my individual learning, I applied aspects of constructivism theory of learning knowledge and sense-making to the learning process in order to reflect upon and assess the outcome of such process and its relevance to perception and ...

Democracy in Words, Pursuit in Actions essay

The story about Natalie Maines’ behaviour at the concert in London is well-known. She wanted peace. “We're on the good side with y'all. We're ashamed that the President of the United States is from Texas” (Martin, p.43). In spite ...

Individual Freedom essay

It was held in this Court that Mr. Smith broke into his neighbor’s house and stole goods, which were found in his possession by the police, and was arrested. The accused violated the Constitutional law, and the violation of American ...

John Locke essay

Reading through John Locke’s “Second Treatise”, The Declaration of Independence, Martin Luther King “Letter from Birmingham Jail”, Karl Marx “The Communist Manifesto”, E Fromm’s “Escape from ...

Journalism in all the President’s Men essay

For more than thirty-five years, All the President’s Men (1976) has been a must-see movie for every reporter, whether upcoming or experienced. The movie blends the background of the Watergate scandal in the times of Nixon administration and ...

"On Loving God" essay

According to Bernard of Clairvaux through his book On Loving God, there are four main degrees on how to love God. These four degrees explain how love starts from within and spreads beyond the interest of man to the interest of serving God. The first ...

Personal Narrative essay

Even if there were a chance to change my life, I would ignore it. Now, I am at the point when I clearly understand that everything has a reason. Moreover, everything that happened with me, no matter pleasant or not, I perceive as a lesson. I am ...

Planning and Management essay

Many communities in the world today are challenged by getting clean and adequate water to cater for their daily needs. Water plays a vital role in enhancing plant and animal life in the world. This challenge is more prevalent in arid and semi arid ...

Racism essay

Racism could be a person’s belief that one race is better than the rest. Racism comes from ancient times but today’s people aren’t as open about it. Some people are racist against the color of someone’s skin or even their ...

Reflection on Romans essay

Romans 12: 2 advices that people should never conform to the world, but instead transform by the renewal ideas of the mind: in order to prove what is acceptable before God and a reflection of piety. This verse directly applies to the life of ...

Review essay

Having been asked to write a review as an assignment, it was only natural of me to be pulled to the write something about my favorite past time; movies. As it is widely popularized all over the world, 2012 marks the 50th anniversary of the Bond film ...

Semantics in Daily Life essay

Semantics is the study of meaning in language. It involves studying how individual words are interpreted, how sentences are constructed and how the way the text is written can be literally interpreted (Foley 15). A good understanding of semantics ...

The Right to Develop “Designer Babies” essay

Eugenics is the study of selective breeding of human beings with the objective of improving the human genetic qualities and it is specifically applied in the prevention of congenital disorders and in the heritability of the human IQ (Duster & ...

Thomas Edison essay

Thomas Edison was one of the American investor, scientist as well as a business man who used to develop many devices that greatly influenced life along the world. Thomas is highly recalled by many scientists for his last and a very long-lasting ...

Tokyo Travel Itinerary essay

I have decided to leave for Tokyo, Japan on December 9, 2011 which is a Friday, and return on December 18, 2011 which is a Sunday. My round trip ticket will cost me $1282. The outbound flight will last almost 12 hours which will bring me to ...

Ultramares Doctrine essay

Accounting is one of the professions that require outmost care. In many cases, accountants ensure that they execute their duties, as the work requires. Despite this, there are cases when accountant conduct themselves in ways that do not conform to ...

How to Make a Narrative Essay Interesting

Imagine a situation: your professor has assigned you a new essay task and the topic is interesting, but the thing is you don’t know how to write a narrative essay. Do not panic! (It does not mean to procrastinate, however). Narrative papers are fun and easy to write. Besides, unlike other papers, they do not demand high concentration and extensive research. As a rule, narrative essays deal with your own experience that you need to write about.

Still, despite the easiness, there are some steps that you need to follow when writing. This article will reveal you some of these writing secrets about narrative essays and will help you write a terrific paper.

What Is a Narrative Essay?

When you narrate a story, you retell its details and main events. To better realize what a proper narration is, recall in your mind how scenes are presented and narrated in films. As a rule, a narrator tells the story from a certain perspective and provides a detailed account of everything that happened by then.

As an essay narrator, you also need to set the background setting for the story and tell it either from the first person or third person. An important thing to consider is that you should provide sufficient details.

Actually, writing a narrative essay is not as complicated as it may seem. You narrate each day when you tell somebody about something. Sometimes you tell stories from your childhood or some funny events from your school years. Now what you have to do is put such story in writing.

Nonetheless, one of the biggest challenges you will face is that you need to put that long story into a paper with a limited number of words. At the same time, you need to provide some attention-grabbing information making your target audience read your story till the very end.

It is commonly known that any person can tell a story, but not everyone can win other people’s attention.

Therefore, you need to know about certain tips that will help you provide an interesting essay.

  1. As you’ve decided to take your readers on a narrative journey with you, make sure you provide a reason why they should be interested to listen to your story. Make it clear that your narration is worth their attention.
  2. If you cannot come up with an interesting topic, focus on some personal transformations that you have undergone through the years. For example, you were a calm and shy person in childhood and were easily offended by others; however, you have grown into a resilient and strong-willed one. Focus on that experience that made you better/ more intelligent/ stronger, etc.

If you need some better ideas, you can search on the Internet to find samples of narrative essays. Summing up, the thing you need to do before submitting the paper is to edit it carefully. It does not matter how exciting your story is, if the grammar is bad, and the sentence structures are so confusing that it is hard to get what you mean. Good luck with your writing!

Sucessful Narrative Essays


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