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Nursing Essay: Best Samples

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Sucessful Nursing Essays

Analyzing Growth Charts essay

Analyzing Growth Charts Malnourishment in children is one of the most distressing conditions in the world. The condition affects the growth of children to extreme levels. Studies reveal that starving children suffer from malnourishment that may lead ...

Asthma and Stepwise Management essay

Summary It is an essay that explains asthma disorder and how to manage the condition using the stepwise approach. The essay notes that asthma is a condition that affects the airways that carry air to and from the lungs. The victims of asthma find it ...

Autism and the New DSM-V essay

Autism and the New DSM-V PICOT question Do the fundamental changes in DSM-V have a great impact on the diagnostics of autistic disorders? Background information According to the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NHS), autism ...

Health Assessment of Children’s Weight essay

Health Assessment of Children’s Weight One of the responsibilities of a nurse is to assess the body measurements of a child. A child’s body measurements can provide an indication of whether the child is receiving adequate nutrition or is ...

Developing a Health Literacy Program essay

Developing a Health Literacy Program Introduction To maintain community health, all members of society including children need to be taught on skills that enhance personal health as a prevention measure to keep the community free from avoidable ...

Nosocomial Infections essay

Nosocomial Infections Nosocomial contagions after open-heart surgery are acknowledged a most frequent cause of morbidity, mortality, prolonged hospital vacation, more intense antimicrobial treatment, and increased concomitant costs. Nosocomial ...

Early Development Observation essay

Early Development Observation Introduction This paper analyses various child development theories. Regardless of what child development supported by individual, there are various issues that need to be considered.  The purpose of this paper is ...

Using QR codes in Medicine essay

We Can But Should We? A recently introduced technology of QR codes scanning has been gaining public acceptance. Thus, about 14 million of people in the USA accessed QR codes within a one-month period, while 43% use smartphones for this purpose ...

Pharmacotherapy for Respiratory Disorders essay

Pharmacotherapy for Respiratory Disorders Most types of cough may sound the same on the first view. However, coughs denote different conditions and may lead to diagnosis of a diversity of disorders. For instance, a simple cough may lead to diagnosis ...

Example Questions for a Nursing Essay

  1. Select a relatively generic issue related to nursing and explain how it applies to a particular patient or group of patients.
  2. During the process of repairing elective episiotomies, do you believe that adrenaline and 1% lignocaine can reduce the amount of blood that is lost?
  3. It was suggested by Benner et al in 1996 that it is essential to know one’s patients for ethical purposes and to make the right clinical judgments. Analyze this claim as it relates to your current nursing practices.
  4. Use the latest technology to evaluate and interpret available data with a view to improving the way patients are currently treated, cared for, and managed.
  5. This task requires you to carry out an investigation of the values and principles at the heart of nursing work.
  6. Demonstrate your understanding of the nursing profession with reference to a) the key legal and ethical issues and b) the roles, influences and relationships that exist between practicing nurses and midwives.
  7. This essay assignment requires you to write about a particular aspect of the provision of healthcare to older patients.
  8. Imagine you have just held a therapy session with a family. Now transcribe the proceedings from this session in the form of a written analysis and critical reflection.
  9. This assignment requires you to explain clinical exercise physiology as it applies to osteoporosis patients.
  10. Select a nursing problem or topic that interests you and that is relevant to the area you practice in. Look for any current literature and any quantitative or qualitative research material that is available on that subject.
  11. Critically explore the concepts of status syndrome and social capital and why these are important for addressing and reducing health inequalities in the area of nursing you practice in.
  12. In your opinion, is it possible to demonstrate compassion and care in a clinical environment, and how?
  13. This assignment requires you to craft a letter to someone of your own choosing wherein you share your thoughts, ideas, concerns, opinions, passion, recommendations, and/or suggestions concerning some aspect of pediatric or general nursing.
  14. Discuss how the responsibility for communication and group working is balanced out between yourself and your peers.
  15. Review any literature that debates the latest evidence in respect of a particular clinical problem in your nursing area.
  16. Create a checklist for a quantitative research project as the basis for writing a critique on some aspect of healthcare.  
  17. Use the criteria provided to critically analyze and discuss the anxiolytic impact of aromatherapy massage for breast cancer patients.
  18. Consider the various ways that early intervention following diagnosis could improve the quality of life for dementia patients and their relatives.
  19. Discuss the issues involved in supporting an individual with a particular mental illness or someone who abuses drugs or alcohol. What are the greatest challenges for those providing front-line health services in these cases?
  20. Critically evaluate and discuss the latest developments in providing inter or cross professional services and say whether this practice has improved service quality for users of healthcare and social services.
  21. Consider why and how developing better therapeutic relationships between nurse and patient could benefit newly graduated registered nurses in the mental healthcare sector.
  22. Write an essay introduction that describes the guidelines provided by the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) and at national level, focusing on the reliability and validity of these guidelines. In your introduction, please pay attention to search engine optimization and the key words and search terms that the popular search engines are likely to pick up on.  
  23. This essay assignment requires you to highlight your ability of writing to academic standards. The essay’s topics are palliative care and the quality of the patient’s life. You should cover both these topics thoroughly by examining and discussing them in detail, and using the APA citation style to reference any sources you use.  
  24. Set out your personal views or perspectives on the provider-patient relationships that exist in the case of someone who provides aromatherapy services. Say whether and how these relationships are relevant in this particular field.  
  25. This essay assignment asks that you use a reflective style or model to describe the communication requirements that exist when dealing with a critical event or incident.  
  26. Critically analyze the issues that affect a mentor’s role in respect of DOMAIN 1 – how can good working relationships be established?
  27. Quite often, the healthcare systems available in countries where low and middle incomes are prevalent do not succeed in preventing high maternity mortality rates where many of these could be avoided. Discuss this claim in a critical manner (in approximately 2,500 words) making specific reference to the issue of gender inequality or discrimination and the need to develop better maternity health care.
  28. Reflecting on your own leadership experience as practiced in your current role as a professional nurse, critically analyze leadership approaches in the nursing profession in general and the guidelines provided for developing a vision for healthcare provision. Draft a highly-specific and vision-focused action plan on how your potential as a leader could be developed in the next couple of years. The plan you create should be based on sound rationale supported by the latest and most relevant theories pertaining to leadership.  
  29. Describe the effects on a patient having to live with a long-term illness.
  30. Use a PDP (personal development plan) to identify and evaluate your strong points, areas that could be developed, and areas where you can continue to learn. These should start becoming evident to you from your participation in the Return to Practice course module and from completing this assignment.  
  31. Write a reflective essay on clinical practices and nursing competencies.
  32. Choose a type of common or everyday wound - i.e. a leg ulcer, pressure ulcer, diabetes-related foot ulcer, fungal wound, or a dehisced wound resulting from surgery – one that you have tended to as a practicing nurse. Reflect on the care you provided and the patient you tended to in terms of the process and outcome.  
  33. Select a user of the healthcare services you currently provide through the medical practice you work for. Discuss some particular period of care you provided from a patient-centric perspective covering the entire period of care.
  34. This essay requires the use of quantitative and qualitative data for the purpose of evaluation and it will involve a discussion about research methods and ethics. You should support all main points throughout with academic-style referencing.
  35. Write a critique using an accepted critiquing method (e.g. journal articles and qualitative research) and your experience of nursing standards in mixed-gender wards in hospitals providing general medical services.  
  36. Describe the child nursing skills you use for interacting with children when you are checking their blood pressure.
  37. Identify a particular change that was implemented in your area of clinical expertise and say why this change has failed. Analyze in a critical manner the reasons that may have caused this change to fail with particular reference to applicable literature and your understanding of leadership theories and the dynamics of group work/interactions.  
  38. Identify a specific intervention that was applied in your area of expertise and critically analyze the rationale behind the intervention along with its suitability in the given situation.
  39. Describe the outcomes of a particular aspect of behavioral and life science according to the sciences that apply to the nursing profession.  
  40. Identify a relevant artefact (such as a poster promoting good health and the cessation of smoking in teenage girls). Explain the meaning and importance of such methods for empowering young people.  
  41. Critically analyze the practice of prescribing antibiotics for conditions such as viral infections of the throat.
  42. Explain what discrimination is and how it might manifest itself or become evident in the provision of healthcare.
  43. Describe a practical or routine procedure concerning a patient, for example, how to commence blood transfusions.
  44. Discuss the effects of a long-term or non-curable illness or condition from the patient’s perspective.
  45. The care provided by the National Health Service (NHS) is seamless, integrated and highly effective. Do you agree or disagree with this statement, and why?
  46. It is essential to have good team-working skills in order to deliver good-quality healthcare. Critically analyze this claim.
  47. Drawing on your particular area of healthcare expertise, explore and analyze (in a critical manner) a specific aspect of advanced nursing practice covered on your course.
  48. Discuss how CBT (cognitive behavior therapy) is applied in the treatment of mental health conditions, with particular reference to any links between the core principles of this therapy and the principles of the recovery method/model.  
  49. This assignment requires you to critically analyze and critically reflect on the experiences of a user of mental healthcare services where that user is undergoing the process of recovery.
  50. Your task in this essay is to evaluate how easy it is for student nurses to integrate or apply the various concepts that influence the practice of nursing. The concepts to focus on should be taken from the ethical, legal, nursing, psychological and sociological frameworks.
  51. Select an aspect of nursing that concerns the provision of critical care. Explain the impact of professional practitioners in terms of how they collaborate. Say what is required in order to collaborate effectively and how the users of such services can become valid partners in the care they receive.
  52. This essay requires you to demonstrate you understand the policy on patient dignity and privacy. Explain how this knowledge influences the effective delivery of value-added healthcare services as a professional nurse in a surgical environment or department.
  53. Explain how the belief in health can be used by nursing professionals and other medical practitioners to promote good family health after a child has had dental treatment (i.e. extraction) because of caries. The aspects you should look at include the promotion of a healthy diet and good dental hygiene practices.
  54. Write an informative essay on mentorship in the field of midwifery. Critically evaluate and reflect on a midwife scenario, analyze the most common issues, and set out your recommendations.
  55. Your task here is to analyze – with examples from your area of practice – the various dynamics that apply in a team comprised of different professionals working on a number of mental health scenarios. Use your own personal experience to explain how informed decisions and judgments are made.
  56. This critical essay should reflect on a peer evaluation and group-based presentation you have taken part in. Use any feedback you received from your peers to support your reflections.
  57. Explain how you might implement the research findings from a topic you studied in your area of clinical expertise.
  58. Write a reflective essay on mentorship training in the nursing profession.
  59. Discuss whether you think kangaroo mother care is acceptable or not.
  60. Analyze and discuss in a critical manner the care and subsequent management of a seriously-ill hospital patient.
  61. Describe the interventions used when working with patients and the families of patients suffering from acute and long-term mental health issues.
  62. Think about a patient with some type of complex wound (e.g., leg ulcer) you once took care of or are presently caring for. Describe the care process.
  63. The role of community nurses is one that has significantly evolved in the past two decades. Your essay should explore and assess the present-day role of a nurse through the examination of any available literature. You should additionally say how you see the role developing in the years to come.
  64. Develop a detailed and harmonious educational strategy that involves learning, teaching, and assessment for the fields of social and health care. Your essay should also critically reflect on current educational strategies.
  65. Write an essay giving a student account of the theories governing learning and how these help the learner acquire knowledge in their own area or discipline.
  66. Critically analyze and present your findings on how a “people-centered” approach to caring for a patient and their family can complement and/or enhance the traditional “medical” approach to providing specialized palliative patient care.
  67. Choose a person you have cared for during a placement position. Use the experience you acquired caring for any person suffering from bipolar disorder, schizophrenia or depression to describe the experience.
  68. Explore the effects of substance abuse in adult or older women.
  69. Critically explore and analyse the GCS approach to include the benefits and pitfalls of this method across a person’s lifespan. Make specific reference to how GCS might or might not produce different results in individuals with learning issues.
  70. A 2003 proposal by McCormack and Garbett suggests that those who develop nursing practices should be more than just “subject experts” and that they should show “clinical know-how.” Critically evaluate the roles of developers in terms of this proposal.
  71. Explain how a nurse may provide holistic care for a patient and their family in order to achieve the best possible quality of life for all concerned.
  72. Discuss a nurse’s role in the field of rehabilitation.
  73. Identify the main factors that impact the mentoring role and relationship. Critically explore and analyze the negative aspects as well as the positive ones.
  74. Do you think hydrogel dressings are effective for healing wounds and, if so, how effective do you think they are?
  75. Discuss how you think the challenges of providing public health services can be met.
  76. Review the Cochrane analysis with regards to whether any evidence exists to support using KMC in low birth weight infants. Is this a feasible alternative to traditional care after the initial stabilization period?
  77. Write an evaluative report reflecting upon and setting out the recommendations from a teaching session in your area of clinical expertise.
  78. Explain how a patient’s asthma should be managed in the short and long term.
  79. Describe how you treated a patient who suffered a stroke during one of your nursing placements.
  80. Describe an important research project you carried out in your discipline and explain your findings.   

Sucessful Nursing Essays


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