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Personal Statement Essay Sample

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In this era of information and technology, globalization is putting the entire world including businesses, into an irresistible and profound transformation. The intensification of both local and external competition is bound to increase thus necessitating a wider understanding of business concepts application in a range of economic conditions.  

The onset of my of my passionate interest in business, an interest which has gradually grown into an intense passion and aspiration in the chase for a business career, occurred when I was in high school. As the eldest son of a prominent businessman, young, energetic and with the ability to demonstrate impressive business expertise, I became engaged in my fathers transport industry at the age of fifteen. In particular, I was enthralled by the uniqueness and nobleness of the business ideas generated through precise consideration of the business environment. I came to appreciate that business education is composed of advanced concepts which must be exercised in order to bring out the much required business success.

During my high school studies, I emerged the top student in my class; this is not only due to my consistent number one class ranking on academic platform but due to the prominent role as co-coordinator of the school’s entrepreneurs club as well as other extracurricular activities.  I initiated a number of projects aimed at boosting our cash in-flow as a club as well as providing the needed exposure to the entrepreneurs club members’.

Immediately after completing high, I shelved my academic ambitions for two years, using that time to almost fully taking over the management of the transport and logistic company. This was helpful in that upon joining the business school, I was sure of what was best for me thus; a major in Business Management. I chose this university due to its time-honored business training history.  Pursuing BBM is not much of a challenge but rather an opportunity capable of fulfilling my long time aspiration of excelling in the corporate and business industry.  

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