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book Class Inequality

Class inequality – is a form of differentiation, in which separate individuals, social groups, strata and classes are at different stages of vertical social hierarchy and have unequal life chances and opportunities to meet the needs. In the most general form inequality means that people live in conditions under which they have unequal access to the limited resources of material consumption.There are a lot of examples of class inequality influence in a modern life. This topic is also very popular among modern scientists, for example the articles by A. Locke, C. Browne and M. Yglesias provide examples of people’s inequality and its influence. Class inequality – is a sociological problem that must be solved as soon as possible in order not to spoil people's lives.

There are a lot of different views according to this problem. For, example, Angela Locke, in her article “Born Poor and Smart” tells a story of a clever woman and her daughter who tries to be not influenced by circumstances but it was hard to do this. Matt Yglesias, shows a clear picture of the importance of government influence on the problem of class inequality in her article “A Great Time to be Alive?”. One more author, Charmion Browne, tells about the story of homelessness and its results on the psyche in her article “When Shelters Feels like a Prison”. These three articles will be compared and contrasted in the present paper. By their using, it will be interesting to understand that there are a lot of similar and uniting problems in a modern world.


The first article, “Born Poor and Smart” is written by a famous writer for the feminist news jornal, Angela Locke. The article tells its readers how the question of class inequality can influence on person’s understanding of life. It becomes clear that the article notes that clever people are not always rich people.  Unfortunately, there is really a statistic that intellect – is not a guarantee of riches. Sometimes the circumstances make people to survive in conditions of poverty. The article “Born Poor and Smart” describes a clever woman, who liked to read books, but was forced to “clean up the messes” and “make coffee”. There is also discussed the question of how social position in society affects the relationship between people in the same society. Belonging to a particular class is determined not only of money but also some psychological factors. As it is said by Locke in the article, “definition of success has something to do with money, but everything to do with class”. And there is also the disapproval of the statement that rich and poor people – are different people. The article makes readers not to agree with this statement, because that is only psychological perception. 

The second article, “A Great Time to be Alive?” is written by a staff writer at the American Prospect, Matt Yglesias. It touches and discusses such important questions of governmental influence on people’s good standard of living, family and children. It is necessary for the government of every country to understand that successful country – is a country for people. It seems that “the early twenty-first century has been one of the greatest times to be alive in the history of mankind”. But in the fact it is the time of very rich and very poor people. Ad this situation can’t be named as the situation of “the greatest times”. The article claims that it is necessary for government to understand that rich people should have the same duties as poor people, and at the same time, poor people should have the same rights as rich people. One more important question is the importance of such units of society as children and family. Children – are the people who will be the future of every country, that’s why it is necessary to understand that “a temporary economic downturn is not a good reason to permanently scar a generation of kids” and it is necessary provide them good conditions of education. Family policy of every country should be also among the first questions in all sociological discussions. It is necessary to show the cult of the family, its importance and significance.

The third article, “When Shelters Feels like a Prison” is written by a senior at Cornell University, Charmion Browne. The main aim of the author is to show how the poverty can be the reason of homelessness and how the homelessness can be reason of many psychological problems in the mind of people. The article shows the desire of a child to live better, but “few of them knew how”. There is also discussed the influence of money lack on psychological exposure of people. A lot of people under the circumstances of poverty loose themselves and found such problems as “broken by drugs, alcohol abuse, divorce, AIDS, early pregnancy, lack of education and, most important, lack of information about how to get out of these troubles”. It is necessary for government to exterminate the poverty and class inequality not only on finance level but also by the creation of special services which can solve the problem on psychological level.

By the results of discussed articles, it is easy to claim that the analyses of poverty are taken into account only by the economic factors and the social factors are rarely taken into account. The need for taking into account the social minimum argued that people can not properly participate in society, support the adoption in the community relations if their resources fall below a certain minimum. Sociologists argue that consumer behavior is oriented to the so-called standard package of goods and services. As for the social minimum, it is directly related to the change in the current economic and social conditions. Thus, today the social minimum can be defined as a certain minimum ownership of property. That portion of the population that has no this minimum, is considered to be poor. Social poverty overcoming involves a mass action for the members of the society. 

To make a conclusion it is necessary to note that class inequality is not a finance question, but sociological one. It is not only the lack of money the reason of poverty and problems but also people’s incomprehension how to act in a lot of life situations. Poverty is firstly a psychological and sociological problem and causes a lot of problems on psychological level and should be solved as quickly as possible not to spoil people’s lives.  It is necessary to explain people that their life is in their hands and poverty is not a judge and there are a lot of ways of its solving. It is also necessary namely for people do not divide the society on poor and rich, but to help each other. Let’s be a little bit more attentive to each other!


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