Jan 25, 2018 in Analysis

Ernest Hemmingway’s Soldier’s Home

Harold Krebs is the soldier who returns to his hometown after the World War I

Since he returned a little bit too late from war, he was welcomed with indifference instead of a joyous celebration. The town has become accustomed to war stories and the people think they have heard far too much. Thus, they do not take interest in Harold’s story because it is just another war account. This drove the protagonist of the story to shut himself from the society, including his own family, because of the inability of the town and its people to give him importance and substance.

There is complete failure of communication between Harold and his hometown that prompted him to lose his desire and motivation to move on and start a new life. More often than not, the people residing in a town know each other and their families. So anonymity is impossible for Harold to achieve. It is impossible for him to relate to anyone, to date a girl, because open communication will transpire.

Harold’s decision to start new life and move to Kansas is the result of giving up altogether in his hometown

He just wants a simple life, with no obligation to please, talk or lie to anyone including his parents and sisters. Kansas would give Harold a fresh start since it is anticipated that the residents in that place do not know him at all. He will feel less suffocated in Kansas as the need to play it cool seems unnecessary. Moreover, the absence of his family would definitely give Harold the privacy, anonymity and simplicity he much wanted in his present life. 


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