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“Flexibility in Fitness: Definition, Stretches & Exercises” by Education Portal

The article describes flexibility as an inseparable part of fitness, since it increases the performance of a body when exercising and playing sports. Inadequate flexibility may negatively impact on athletic performance. A person that is not flexible enough risks to become weaker than the rest. I would say that the specified article comprises the essential information that allows to comprehend the importance of flexibility in sports.

“The Importance of Flexibility” by Fitness

The article describes flexibility as the necessary activity that needs to be included into a regular fitness routine. Flexibility is frequently overlooked in conditioning programs, however, it is also important in fitness, aerobics or strength exercises. Stretching during and after physical exercise can help prevent stiffness. I would say that this article contains useful information about the benefits of flexibility training.

“Understanding Flexibility: An Important Part of Fitness” by Healthy Alberta

The article characterizes flexibility as the diapason of movement in a joint. Flexibility training can help lower muscle soreness after exercising. It is recommended to warm the muscles of a body before stretching. I would say that the article points out that stretching can greatly improve flexibility.

“The Importance and Purpose of Flexibility” by Human Kinetics

The article emphasizes that flexibility allows the muscles inside of a person remain in a mobile condition. The methods that assess the flexibility of a person’s body are also discussed. My impression of the article is that it describes the various methods that can improve flexibility.

“Flexibility and Fitness” by Top End Sports

The article describes flexibility as one of the main fitness parts, without which it would not be possible to achieve success in many sports. For instance, flexibility is an important attribute which plays a crucial role in gymnastics. Besides this, a flexible person has fewer chances to get a trauma. I would say that this article contains interesting information that characterizes flexibility. It is necessary for us to work on flexibility, since it prevents various injuries.


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