Jan 25, 2018 in Analysis

Literature Review

The main thesis of this paper is to discuss the various treatment methods for this disease

The paper does this by acknowledging that it has no prevention and effective treatment method. However, this is subject to research work since no single scholar has come up with the best method to use in providing its treatment.

The paper carries out a review of different literatures written by various scholars who have carried out researches in this area. It also focuses on the researches which have been done in the past in the attempt to discover the most appropriate therapy for this disease (Grossberg, G. T., & Kamat, S. M., 2010).  Some of proposals reported include the Debrah Carol’s use of Vagus Nerve Stimulation (VNS) and the use of inhibitors. Despite this, the paper still establishes that the only best thing to do is to conduct an extensive research to come up with the best alternative method of treatment. This is the only way through which people can be saved. Alzheimer has become one of the most expensive diseases in the contemporary society. While doing this, the paper found out that this disease also has no preventive measure since most of the writers argue that dementia has no proved prevention (Mittman B. et al., 2003).

The literature chosen can help in providing truth because it is valid

They are from reputable authorities in the field of medicine. Hence, if the hypothesis is confirmed, they will be reliable in providing all the necessary information about this topic. They are distinguished scholars whose work is based on scientific research. Their work is applicable and should be exploited because it is sound and valid.


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