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Love Song

John Legend’s song “All of Me” stands among the most beautiful love songs ever written. On the one hand, it is filled with austere and bitter truthfulness and honesty, describing all imperfections and complications in any relationships. On the other hand, it appears to be a recognition and acceptance that despite the fact that every relationship might encounter some problems, people who truly love each other can overcome them if they completely devote themselves to their relationships. Thus, the song suggests that it is important to make one’s significant other a priority in order to live together happily ever after.

The song starts with the lines “What would I do without your smart mouth? Drawing me in, and you kicking me out,” which may indicate insignificant annoyance and sarcasm. Thus, there are periods when a girl communicates with an author with little respect, but even these actions do not make the author’s admiration of the described girl weaker. The second line probably stands for verbal compliments and insults, as the girl has a tendency to switch mood and attitude because one minute she shows affection and the next minute she pushes the beloved person away. The following four lines of the first verse represent different words and phrases that actually convey the same message. The girl is unpredictable and spontaneous, constantly changing her mind, thus making the process of understanding and figuring her out impossible. The song also demonstrates that the girl has a “beautiful mind” and this phrase typically denotes an intriguing individual who does not have a sober stable mind, which presupposes that it will be highly complicated to understand the motifs of performed actions. Nevertheless, the man is enchanted by the girl; he is “on [her] magical mystery ride,” which makes him dizzy. Regardless of all misunderstandings, he will accompany her through her life journey, figuring out how to cope with difficulties and having an inner belief that everything will all work out as planned. 


The lines in the pre-chorus demonstrate that the author is overwhelmed with such complicated and intricate relationships. He feels like he has “head underwater,” but everything is fine, as he is capable of breathing. The love is his oxygen, which keeps him safe. Thus, the man is completely immersed in this relationship, as despite the fact that the girl is unpredictable and insane, he is similar to her in this matter.

The chorus is highly important in this song because it reveals that the man fully loves the girl in her entirety, and even all imperfections appear to be perfect for him. He is capable of accepting her for who she is and loving every piece of her body and soul. As long as two individuals in love devote themselves to each other, nothing will ever come between them. Therefore, the chorus reveals a man’s total devotion to their love. Even despite the fact that life is complicated and full of losses and wins, he is ready to sacrifice and concede in order to win the love battle. Thus, the song conveys a message that losing is impossible because love is not a game. In relationships, when one loses, it happens to make another person win and be happy, which in its turn makes the one losing happy as well. Thus, all egos should be set aside for perfection and mutual happiness.

The second verse demonstrates that the man loves the woman in different states, even when she is crying. Therefore, it does not matter how bad she feels and what she is going through, he will always support and comfort her. This message is highly significant, as many girls and women have uncertainties and complexes, being afraid that men will not support or love them when they encounter difficulties, both emotional and physical. This song demonstrates that the man remains devoted to his significant other regardless of all her struggles and life complications, attempting to smooth them away when “the world is beating her down,” remaining “around through every mood.” The following lines demonstrate that the author is completely at her mercy, as her unpredictability makes her both his inspiration, which is demonstrated through the word “muse,” and distraction. The phrase “my rhythm and blues” probably shows that the girl is his heart and soul, meaning that he is completely immersed in her, making her the meaning of his life. Despite the fact that she brings him down, being his “downfall,” she is also the one who will inspire him to continue living. Thus, the song demonstrates that people involved in committed relationships should not be afraid to rise and fall together, as their love will help them to survive.  

In the bridge, the line “give me all of you” demonstrates that despite the fact that they are in a relationship, the girl still remains a mystery and she is afraid to show all of her feelings and dive in relationships similarly to the author. She probably does not trust him completely and he tries to convince her. This is a place in the song where the author asks to reveal all feelings and uncertainties, using a metaphorical phrase “cards on the table.” Thus, the author asks her to be honest about her feelings and intentions for them to see the reality and hold nothing back. They have to see and analyze their feelings simultaneously, even regardless of the fact that it is risky, as it might ruin the relationship. No one knows what is happening in the heart of another person and in the depth of one’s soul, which is the main reason it is important to “show heart” in order to solve all problems and misunderstandings. This action allows the author to see that they want the same thing, which is love. 

The last lines of the song demonstrate that the author was capable of finding a way to the heart of the beloved girl and convincing her in his feelings, ruining all uncertainties and fears. Finally, when he gives her all of him, she gives him all of her.

The song provides the audience with a highly powerful and important message. People have to fight for their love even in a relationship, as no one knows what is happening in the heart of other people and sees all fears and anxieties. It is significant to risk everything in order to make everybody happy and loved. Life is complicated and it consists of both good and bad moments, but it does not mean that people in committed relationships should solve all the problems on their own. Love cannot be viewed as a battlefield where someone wins while the other loses. People should be supported and comforted, sharing everything in their life. Moreover, if one truly loves another person, one loves everything, including all possible imperfections. This is the main reason for one to reveal all feelings to the significant other, as their love will make them stronger. The song shows that love cannot be egocentric. Thus, egos should be set aside because only sacrifice and complete dedication can result in the everlasting and deep love and happiness. This message is helpful, as the song shows that it actually works. There are no relationships without arguments and misunderstandings, but air clearing and debates can practically assist in comprehending each other and beguiling healthy relationships. The author was capable of proving his love, leading to the opening of hearts and feelings to each other and completing mutual trust.


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