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Swot Analysis

Austin Animal Health Care SWOT Analysis


SWOT analysis is a crucial tool that helps bring to the light the needed realignments within an organization as a means towards ensuring that the operations are conducted in a manner sensitive to the market demands. For a profit-making venture, SWOT analysis is important, since the feedback collected is essential for improving the competitive edge of the organization. On the other hand, to a non-profit-making venture, SWOT analysis helps to make the needed operation changes to enhance the efficiency of the organization. Besides, it is this feedback that allows the non-profit organization to identify areas that need more resources and adjust accordingly. Since non-profit ventures rely on charity grants, SWOT analysis sheds light on areas that need more finances to enhance sustainability of their operations. Therefore, below is a SWOT analysis for Austin Animal Health Center, a non-profit organization that provides cheap and quality veterinary services. The goals of this analysis is to ensure that the organization is aware of the needed adjustments and will enhance its operations.


Strategic Analysis Data

Internal Analysis

Strengths of the organization

Austin Animal Health Center (AAHC) provides heavily subsidized veterinary care. It is one of the best centers for animal care in Austin. Besides, it avails the same services to the military servicemen and veterans. Moreover, AAHC also provides free veterinary care to the homeless animals. This approach is possible because of the availability of grants and reduced costs of operation through minimized overhead costs. These policies not only help the organization improve its reach in Austin, but also play a crucial role in promoting the image of the firm, which is helpful when it comes to attracting donors. The Center also avails its services in a manner that is sensitive to the public needs. Moreover, in the case of Austin, there is the lack of cheap animal treatment, and AAHC has filled this gap successfully. This is a helpful approach that enables the company to lure more people into the Center thus safeguarding its profitability. Over and above, the operations of the AAHC are focused on solid values that help maintain its consistency in availing quality and affordable veterinary care.

Weaknesses of the organization

Being a startup organization is one of the main weakness of the AAHC, it causes the lack of sufficient workforce. Moreover, the organization does not have much bigger bargaining power that would allow it to attract the top-notch employees who would help treat the animals. This is a phenomenon that is brought about by the fact that the organization is a non-profit making entity and thus lacks the capability to pay high wages to its employees. A budget deficit is another weakness of the organization due to its overreliance on grants as the main source of revenue.

External Analysis

Political trends

There has been continued government interference in the matters of veterinary services regulation in Texas. There is a constant review of regulations over which most of the players have no control. One of the biggest problems is the fixed and highly restrictive regulation regarding drug dispensation. Moreover, during the formulation of these regulations, there is little or no input from the veterinary practicing organizations.

Economic trends

Austin has been facing economic challenges. Now the majority of citizens have difficulties taking care of their pets. Similarly, this poor economic performance has also been reflected in the low level of grants recently availed by the donors.

Societal trends

The trend of pet keeping has been on the incline. More and more families are now having one or more pets. Moreover, the trend of pet keeping has been on the increase in all classes in Austin, including homeless people.

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Technological trends

The Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners has continually been supporting the improvement of the quality of veterinary services. Their demand has been characterized by the need to adopt the new treatment technologies. As a result, the Board has decided to ensure that there are reduced levels of human error in the treatment process. It is therefore expected that any organization offering veterinary services should have the relevant complementary technology. There is a constant review conducted by the Board to ensure adherence to this regulation.

Other trends

There have been an encouraging and continued negotiations with the suppliers, which have helped the company minimize its operation costs. However, there is still stiff competition from the profit-making ventures that have a bigger bargaining power when it comes to hiring employees. Moreover, the same competitors have been at the forefront of opposing the operations of ANHCs campaigns. The rivals aim to tarnish the image and the noble work the organization is availing to the people of Austin. There is also more attention of potential donors and animal watch groups. Below is a graphical representation of the SWOT analysis for the Austin Animal Health Care.


Low charges for care;

A strengthening of brand through availing cheap but quality animal care;

Low operation costs;

Competitive negotiation capabilities with the suppliers.


Lack of employees;

Low bargaining power in hiring employees;

Constant budget deficit.


High level of competition from profit-making centers;

Operation opposition by the profit-making ventures.



Increased pet keeping among the Austin residents;

High prospects of improved grant pools from donors and animal watch groups.


Strategic Issues

The SWOT analysis brings forth crucial weakness of the AAHC that need to be addressed in the line of ensuring that all operation of the Center are sustainable. Therefore, the following are key problems that need to be solved in order to improve both the capacity and the sustainability of the AAHC.

There is a need to ensure that the recruiting panel is appointed and assigned to come up with the relevant recruitment policy which will help the AAHC attract the right personnel;

There is also z need to look for more avenues of getting resources to stop the overreliance on grants as the primary source of income;

Besides, there is a need to ensure that the organization has a comprehensive marketing policy that will lure in more customers to the organization;

Over and above, it is important to ensure that the Center has the latest required technology. It will not only help improve the quality of services offered, but also ensure that the organization is not in conflict with the Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners.


It is evident that SWOT analysis is a crucial tool when it comes to ensuring an organization is meeting the market demands. It is also evident that SWOT analysis is a multi-perspective study that sheds lights on different issues concerning the welfare of the organization, and thus the same approach should be employed in the implementation of the needed changes. Besides, it is clear that through the SWOT analysis, AAHC will be better equipped to identify the areas that need to be addressed in the line of improving its competitive edge. All things considered, it is clear that with the help of the insights unveiled by the SWOT analysis, AAHC can expand its revenue scope and hire more expertise if its aims to continue providing cheap and quality veterinary services for everyone in Austin.


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