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The Cold Blood and The Outsider


Writers of novels intend to create notable understanding about matters that are important to them or to their views as an individual. It could not be denied that somehow, this truth is defined through the creation of improved facts that are presented by writers through the artistic use of words and sentences that direct the readers towards the main message that they are intending to create and send to their target audience.

Basically, the writers pick their topics, create their themes and manage the plot according to what they actually want to portray through the stories. In this discussion, an analysis of two stories that denotes the creation of scenarios based on fiction and true events in life shall be handled in an aim of showing how the said story authors intended to make a good sense of what they know and put matters into perfect writing that could insist on the possibility of making implicative notes on how the readers could be able to see the deeper meaning of each presentation that they make through the plot. Along with this, considering that both the readings being analyzed are based on criminal themes, the psychoanalytic criticism shall also be given attention to in connection with the issue being considered as the main focus of the writers in assuming the position of their characters in facing the difficulties of living and making a good sense out of the most important creation of their being.

About the Outsider

The Outsider which was authored by Albert Camus uses a character that is able to withstand human emotions. The character was noted to be an existentialist, is posed as someone who is not bothered of the past and cares only about what’s present. It could be noted that within this story, an indicative understanding of what a person cares about and what he does not care about fills the personality that he has towards the others.

It seemed like as if Camus intended to present human living to be a careless state of understanding that simply relates to the need of making mandating considerations away from the current emotional standing of a person. The idea is that the process of thinking dictates the way one reacts to the things that he has done or would be doing still. With the use of creative presentation of the plot and the standing of the main character in reacting to the current situations that he has been under from his past towards the events that he is dealing with at present, the author was able to separate the understanding of the main character towards his emotional decisions at present which are not in any way related to the ways by which he reacted before in connection with the same situation.

Making a great deal of what a person thinks and how one reacts to the different situations in life makes this story a read that presents a more in depth relation to how humans sometimes respond to crime due to the lesser care that they have on what has happened in the past and how those past events could still be fixed through doing good today. What has been done has been done; yes, some individuals who are careless about the consequences of what they are doing and how these could affect the future are usually the ones who are less able to manifest any reprimand on themselves when they are asked to look back to their past and simply create solutions to the wrong doings that they may have incurred before.

About the Story In Cold Blood

Based on real events that happened in the mid n1960’s, it could not be denied that the setting of the story is presented in a way that the society lived their lives before. The event taken into account within this story is the murder case that involves two criminals and the whole family that they targeted even when they were still in prison. The author presented the situation in a manner that introduced a major consideration on how the role of the major character has been released for understanding on the part of the readers.

This story practically evolved on the occurrence of a murder that the two main characters have been involved with. However, instead of creating a mystery presentation, the narration intended to show the different reasons behind the occurrence of matters. It could not be denied that it is because of this that the story explains better understanding of the sources of the crime than simply stating how the crime happened. Through a psychological presentation on the relationship that the main characters have between each other, it could be seen how the different operations of identifying why the matters occurred the way they deed explains the reaction of both characters towards the situations that they are facing.

Through the presentation of details used in this story, it could be noted how the author managed to show the different elements of crime and how the different positions of criminals have been intended for reader understanding. Likely, through this the author was able to tell the readers of his message in a more convincing and logical presentation of the issues concerned within the plot and the characters that creates the whole event that mandates the different issues that are involved the different situations that are considerably affective on the events that are managed to bring about the explanation of the events.

Understanding the Issues of Personality and Growth

The level of growth of every individual defines his or her personality. The development that one embraces with regards his or her reaction towards the major situations that he manages to deal with actually show through the way that he responds to the challenges of life. In psychology, this development is considered as the major source of understanding that considers the chance of making a good impact on how one develops personally as an individual who knows how to balance his emotions with his thoughts.

On the other hand, there are still those individuals who are less able to make a definite response to the situations that they face. Sometimes, these individuals lack the understanding that they need to be able to turn things around for the betterment of the situation for the sake of the progress of each person. Most of those individuals who are handling the different challenges that life itself presents fail to see the better results of the situations based on the possible outcome of these challenges on their personal lives. Because of the lack of positive approach to dealing with personal issues, these people release their stress and their repercussions in a more negative way due to the lack of logical reasoning that they have towards the situations that they are facing every day.

Within the stories being analyzed, it could be noted that the development of the main characters have been practically affected by their past, their personality and their understanding of life. Practically, through this understanding it could be noticed that there are different reactions that are essential for the differential identification of the character of one person based on the procedure of realization that he accepts as he manages to consider the different manifestation of learning with regards the experiences that they have probably met with in life.

Through these lessons learnt, it could be noticed that they are able to develop an understanding of their position as they try their best to become the person that they want to be as they deal with their present issues. However, when negativity and lack of understanding is given particular attention to, it could not be denied that negative results could also be expected. This is especially true when the analysis on the major issues surrounding the characters of the past two stories examined herein is concerned. In the following section of this discussion, an understanding of the different psychoanalytic principles that had been used by the authors within the story shall be given attention herein.

The Involvement of Psychoanalytic Criticism

Psychoanalytic criticism involves the identification of the psychological consideration that the story tellers take into account to describe the personality of their characters and the process by which they handle the most important issues in their life as part of their development. Believably, with the consideration of the standing that they have in connection with their past actions and how they are supposed to handle the same challenges at present.

On the first story considering Meursault, it could be noticed that his character was defined to have some differential understanding of the past and how these events in his life affects his current realization of matters. It could be noted then that somehow, through this Mersault was seen to have a lesser concern on how his past acts affected the people who were living around him. Hence, he never learns from these experiences and then tends to repeat these acts in his current systems of dealing with matters.

On the other hand, the two criminals in the story The Cold Blood, responded to their partner’s actions based on the relationship that they have shared in the past. In the same place, both individuals used their emotional relationship as key reasons to push their partner towards doing what they think should be done. The effect of each on the other created the circumstances that they have been involved with in connection with the development of the case.

Truthfully, it is through this that the different issues on human personality and the reactions that they have towards the circumstances that they need to deal with everyday. Practically, it could be observed that they have based their consideration in the current push of their emotions and less attention towards the current situations that they are dealing with. With this lesser care given to the consequences of their acts, it could be managed and well understood that somehow, the characters were defined perfectly with their personal concern only to the different motivations that pushed them to do what they want to do. In


Indeed, as the main focus for both the stories discussed within this analysis, human decisions and actions are dominantly based on the psychological standing and the emotional background of each individual. Though other people expresses objection to the action of some, their decision is likewise based on the psychological background and personality cultivated to their personal exploration in life. In the same context, the development and the exposed environment bring about and significantly affect the holistic judgment standard and personality complex of every individual making their present actions as mere results of said concept.

In further discussion, the present action of every person can also be identified as the physical repercussion of their previous activity and psychological exposure in life cultivating the current state of what they can be perceived in. Like the characters explored in both stories discussed herein, the rationale for their actions lies dominantly on their psychological background and personal identity bringing forth the individuals who are capable of committing such events and catalysts for the resulting situation of the stories.

In line with these matters, both the stories of The Outsider and The Cold Blood are effective explorative novels of such humanistic view of human judgment and action. The deeds committed by the main characters vividly explored and presented in both stories are products of their respective psychological characteristics influenced by their personal background, activities, and emotional factors they are exposed with. With the cultivation of these ingredients and the triggering event in present, they reached in through such decisions and performed such actions wherein they themselves are held accountable.

Indeed, the only rationale and justification that could be given for every individual’s action lies dominantly, in accordance to the humanistic view of the society, in the mind of the person reaching as far as their psychological identity, previous actions in life, exposed circumstances, and the emotional they have dealt with and endured in the past. This in its very essence is that factual concept that makes every individual a human being in their own respective standing.


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