Jan 25, 2018 in Analysis

The Greatest Grieves are Those We Cause Ourselves

This is a philosophical quote which means that people always become victims of their own deeds

Any evil action performed brings agonies to the person who does it. In other words, the decision made by individuals end up causing serious adverse effects on them. Whenever someone plans to harm another person, he has to know that it is himself who will face the intended havoc. The statement can be explained using William Shakespeare’s play Macbeth.

In this play Macbeth, a military leader who maneuvers to be a monarch becomes a casualty of his own actions. He does very evil things in order to rise to power. First, he kills the king to take his place. This is a very unfortunate incident because, as a patriot, he should have been loyal and protective of his king. After all, he was a distinguished army leader who had sworn to be loyal to his kingdom.

After rising to power, he becomes very brutal

He proves his autocratic leadership by indiscriminately murdering his subjects who were perceived to be dissents. He uses his military authority to establish a totalitarian regime in his kingdom. However, as events unfold, he gets seriously affected by his actions. He loses the confidence of his subjects who repeatedly rebel against him. In the long run, the kingdom plunges into war. This demoralizes him to the extent that he loses interest in his life and eventually loses it.

Conclusively, it is good for people to be careful with their decisions

Planning evil deeds eventually turns to haunt the perpetrator himself just like it happened to Macbeth. His ordeal gives meaning to this statement and acts as a lesson to others who might be planning to behave in the same perverse manner. Morality be the pillar of harmony and success to all the people in the society.


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