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The Killing of Mr. Chippendale Essay Example

This literary work is one of the masterpieces that demonstrate how the personal qualities of an individual can be expressed more easily and with accuracy. The murder of Mr. Robert Chippendale is just a tool that presents the real picture of how various people held him. The act of murder meted on him is bitter, but the hole it left in the heart of people carried the highest weight. This was one of the most talented teachers that went beyond his assigned teaching duty, but offered free life skill lesson to the students.

He was hailed as one of the best academic heroes with sound ideas in any intellectual discourse as exhibited by this part of the poem “Study people’s faces, not French fries. Hear how they order, not what….” ( 28). He was one of the few people who condemned a wrongdoing at the instant it was committed without fear or favor as the immediate surrounding would demand, and this came to enhance the effectiveness of his discipline strategies. He was a passionate man with the unrelenting spirit of excellence.

The death of Mr. C tells a lot about his character and personality

As can be evidenced from the emotions and in-depth feeling of pain among the mourners, it left a lot of questions about this renowned English teacher. Starting with the rolling tears in the eyes of Angela, we can conclude that Mr. Chippendale was a living character with great and welcoming heart which was open and accommodative (Glenn 62). 

He was also an all round personality who interacted and made friendship without definite boundaries. For instance, Angela fell in love with Mr. C. inspite of their professional relationship and the workplace situation. Other characters, as young as his students, revealed their deeper desire and affection for him. One of the students openly admitted having a crush on him. The same sentiments were shared by the board of education of the institution who felt deprived following the morning shorting incident.

Mr. C. was a very determined and hardworking professional English teacher

He often punished students who performed below average in their class work and assignments. He was commended for his hard work by the school management on a number of occasions. His active participation in the school activities and programs, as designed and accorded by the authority, are the evidences of his dedication and determination in his duties and responsibilities.

On the other hand, Mr. C. had a unique personality. He was very strict. This can be evidenced by the fact that he was not every student’s ‘darling’ (Glenn 45-7). Some students showed their joy upon his death. He kept subjecting this group of students to punishment every time they failed to abide by the set regulations or performed relatively lower than was expected of them. This showed the kind of person Mr. Chippendale was.


Celia Campbell, one of his students, claimed that this teacher was very pivotal in her life and the lessons from him left an indelible mark in her life. She was one of the students that was off the social life path and it took the parental skills blended with the authority of a teacher to be shaped by Chippendale.

It is also said that this teacher was very admirable even by the students and it happened that one character, Angela Falcone, befriended him and his death was alleged to be connected with love going sour between them. Cynthia Arroyo’s experience with the advisory lessons with the teacher shows how straightforward this teacher was when it came to honesty about the abilities of his students.

In the book “Who killed Mr. Chippendale” a number of characters are discussed by Glenn, the author of the book. The high school English teacher influenced many characters, especially students who were inspired by the personality and character. Upon his murder, the whole community was filled with emotions.

There was a lot of suspicion on who the murderer of Mr. C. could be

This prompts for police investigation into the untimely death of the renowned teachers. One of the leading characters in the book is Falcone Angela. Angela (the guidance and counseling teacher) happened to fall in love with Mr. C (as he was known among the students).

Having realized the sudden death of Mr. Chippendale, his best friend, Angela, planed to revenge the pain of losing her closest friend by killing the killer of Mr. Chippendale.  Although this was an unacceptable move, Angela was determined to bear the consequences of killing.  This is a reflection of how valued Mr. C was to the rest of the staff. In addition, Angela’s reaction is a reflection of emotional character.

After approximately four years of teacher-student relationship, the death of Mr. C left a lot of emotional pain among the students. To many of them Mr. C. served as a role model and personal adviser. For instance, Celia Campbell and Cynthia Arroyo received the news of death with a lot of pain. They reflect on his teachings, especially about life skills.

This is evidenced by the poems such as “study people’s faces, not French fries

Hear how they order, not what, and imagine a mini-biography for each of them” (28). Other students, who were deeply affected by the death of their beloved teacher, are Harry Balinger and Karen Miller. Karen Miller witnessed the English teacher being shot by the armed Red. In describing her unfading memory of the incident, Miller cites what she witnessed as a “never-ending video loop/projected in of [her] eyes” ( 66). As expected, not everyone was unhappy with his death. This group mainly consisted of students who performed poorly in class and were often punished by Mr. C.


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