Jun 3, 2020 in Analysis

Unique Thinking of a Leader

There may be many different approaches toward leadership and its definition, but it is rather easy to spot a leader within a group or society. The leader possesses specific qualities alongside the fact that he or she is in the right place and the right time. However, being a leader is impossible without a unique way of thinking, an ability to look at the old issues from a new perspective, and tackling new problems with unusual solutions. The unique way of thinking when solving problems and bringing a change within society is what differentiates a leader from other people and enables him or her to motivate and influence others. 

In the beginning, it is essential to determine what unique way of thinking is, and how it is different from the average one. Unique thinking is an ability to spot new ways of doing thinking, and finding new things and directions, which have not been explored before, but can bring significant benefits for the community. It is not merely thinking outside the box, which merits nobody, but the ability to apply one’s findings and solutions for the greater good and a community of people. The leaders need to possess this skill in order to be able to influence others and bring the positive changes into the society. Unlike average thinkers, they are not scared by the challenges and unknown, but are able to calculate the possibilities, the costs, and potential benefits. The uniqueness of thinking enables the leaders not only to bring the needed solutions to the issues, which need resolution, but create a change within the society itself. Society, in fact, needs such approaches and unique ways of thinking because it is often a victim of traditionalist thinking, conservatism, and populism. Therefore, the new ways of thinking are important for the community and the people, so they need leaders to guide them and show them a new direction they can follow and explore.


The unique of thinking is something that makes the leader stand out from the rest. The leader in the case can have any occupation as long as he or she maintains the influence over the community and brings a change within it. A good example would be George Soros with his various efforts to bring democracy and liberal ideas to Eastern Europe at the time it was struggling with the fall of Soviet Union and formation of independent countries. Although George Soros is not directly involved in politics and may not be the first person who comes up to mind when it comes to leading nations, his unique thinking and influencing over international situation is huge. Firstly, his role as a donor for various international initiatives and ideas is hard to exaggerate since he invested lots of money into bringing positive change in Eastern European countries, for instance. There are various worthy causes taking place there thanks to his investments. Secondly, he noticed the problem when nobody else did; for instance, he started investing money in Ukraine when the country was still in transition and nowhere near the democratic standards and values. As a result, many successful initiatives were carried out in the country alongside other states in the Eastern European region. This proves that George Soros had and still has a unique way of thinking since he was able to recognize the problem before others and provide his own unique solution to some important issues. It is also extremely interesting to analyze his stance in society. George Soros is not a politician, and he has never been all over the news unlike many others; still, thanks to his unique thinking, he was able to succeed in his area, and thanks to this very thinking, he was able to lead and change the community. This proves that leaders come in all sorts and shapes, and they are not limited to some spheres or areas. 

The example of George Soros shows how a person can be a leader even without aiming to do so. Leadership in the situation is the ability to influence others through some actions, and the actions are so motivating thanks to the lasting changes they are bringing. This also proves that a leader can be found in unexpected situations, when he or she is needed to improve the situation. There may be various examples starting with politics and ending with working place. The work leaders, for example, can also use unique thinking approach to improving their professional environment and being the leaders the employees need. For instance, they recognize a particular work issue before it is being openly addressed or suggest an innovation thanks to their careful consideration of the professional needs. Some of the world’s greatest leaders of today come from the fields many people consider the least-likely to bring in the leaders. IT is a good example. The technological revolution, which is taking place at the moment, has given rise to various modern leaders whose innovative products did not only change the way people behave, but whose actions have contributed to significant shifts in the world society. The founders of Facebook, especially Mark Zuckerberg, can be considered the modern world leaders. Although they are not politicians and have no direct influence over people’s lives through taxes and laws, they impact people in other ways, and it is possible thanks to the innovative thinking they have. For example, Mark Zuckerberg completely changed the way people communicate, creating a very new way for the community to express itself. Now that he has the recognition and fame, he uses these things for raising awareness about important issues and problems, and he uses his abilities to solve the problems. It is not mere setting an example for fighting the world problems, but a way of setting an example of creating unique discoveries, which change the world and provide more opportunities to fix the problems. The unique thinkers inspire others not only to improve the community through their hard work; they also inspire to work smart and think of unique and convincing ways to bring a change. 

Therefore, unique thinking is an essential quality a leader should possess. It would enable the person to approach the problems in an efficient way, recognize possible solutions, and deliver them to the public as to inspire the audience. Unique way of thinking differentiates the leaders from the group despite their social standing and affiliation; and this quality proves than any individual in any group can be a leader as long as he or she possesses the uniqueness of mind. Unique way of thinking is a very important quality also thanks to the way it influences people. It does not simply make them feel and appreciate the change, but encourages them to go further and be the change themselves, using the example of their inspirers as a starting point and figuring a new way for battling problematic issues. The leader thinks uniquely also because he or she recognizes the need to find other leaders and work with them together; therefore, the leader does not just promote the new way of action, but seeks partners, who would present new ideas for the greatest mutual benefit.


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