Jun 26, 2018 in Analysis

SOCI 1301 EC: Video Media Analysis

This Heineken ad says its viewers that men are conquerors and women are their prize, which they can win by making a smart move. However, it was not wise to use a comparison with the jungle in this advertisement, because in such a way this ad is offensive for women. They are compared with prey, and as a result, it is shown that women are inferior to men. While men are doing something to get what they want, women are just sitting and waiting. It is shown in the advertisement that a man with a bottle of beer can interest a young lady in his personality, though he is not so handsome and do not probably possess some distinguishing traits of character. This advertisement also shows that woman’s trust can be gained by doing some action out of politeness, as the man in the ad did by asking an old woman to dance with him.

This advertisement contains messages related to other hierarchies in US culture, and specifically to age. There is an old woman sitting next to the young lady, and probably, she is her grandmother. This old woman was very excited when the young man asked her to dance with him, which shows that old women lacks attention from the side of her relatives or friends. When a girl becomes old, she is neglected by the sterner sex. This advertisement teaches us that even old women need attention and they should be taken care of. It has also the message about the class, men and women in the ad are all good-looking and dressed appropriately, this is the wedding reception of people, who clearly gained some status in the society. Viewers are shown a nice picture, because if it was a wedding of people without sufficient income, the picture would have been different and not so interesting. This can be considered as class inequality.


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