Globalization refers to the process of political, economic and cultural integration The main characteristics of the glob... Details >>

Wide Use of Financial Derivatives

The title of the current paper is Wide Use of Financial Derivatives. As it is known, a financial derivative represents a financial contract between two or more parties, which is based on the future value of the underlying asset. Thus, the conclusion of transactions with derivative financial instruments helps the participants of economic relations get accurate price information. The purpose of the paper is to reveal the notion of derivatives including concepts and classifications. The paper considers ... Details >>

Socio-Economic Factors and Crime Rates in the USA

The impact of crime in society is enormous. In essence, crime not only increases financial expenditure of the society in apprehending and punishing criminals or in repairing the damage done during the criminal activities... Details >>

The China’s Economy Globalization

According to (Min, n.d.), economic globalization refers to a situation where global economies integrate and become interdependent of domestic, regional, and local economies through free movement of goods, services, capital, and technologies across the world borders. Details >>


A large population of India mostly resides in the rural areas. A number of factors - for instance, high inflation levels, low employment in the urban environment, and the government offering rural programs – are facing the country and contributing to this trend... Details >>

Key Issues and Consequences of Economic Deregulation

The history of the American social development contains several periods of economic deregulation. More precisely, the Carter and Clinton administration supported the idea of limited state control over the economic institutions during the 1970s and in the era of globalization, respectively. Details >>