Jan 25, 2018 in Economics

Business Analysis

Ethical behavior involves behaving in a way that is not contrary to the socially accepted values

In Kenton Company, employees are required to observe ethical behavior. First of all, they are required to demonstrate respect. The moral principles that should be adhered to are honesty, fairness, dignity, diversity, and respect of individual rights. Such principles are very crucial to the business as they help to achieve better results.

Any business should be responsible before its employees so as to achieve more output. The output is a work done well. Consequently, employees will be motivated to work even harder. The business should also take care of environment, which will help to reduce air or water pollution. The business is recommended to charge the best price to attract and maintain more customers. The investors should be rewarded with the best return of their investment. The business should provide free health and education facilities to the community. In my opinion, the most important is responsibility before customers as they increase profits.

Business laws are very strict, and Kenton Company must comply with them

The laws require the business to pay taxes to the revenue authority. They are best measured in the form of revenue by the government. For example, there is a law that requires the company to take care of environment in order to reduce pollution. The process of registration of business name is also controlled by business laws. Such a process is obligatory.

The government has come up with different regulations that have a significant impact on the organization. The government requires the business to regulate prices, which will increase the output in the long run. There is also a governmental regulation on salaries of employees, which affects the profits in case the government sets a high salary rate. 


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