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Connecting with Brands in New Ways

It is fundamentally true that today’s customers connect with brands in totally new ways due to the improvements in the levels of technology all over the world. In fact, technology has enabled the world to become a global village. It caused massive movement of people as well as goods in short period of time. People have therefore abandoned the traditional way of dealing with common things and embraced technology since it has proved to be effective as long as marketing of new brands is concerned.

The consumers used to know more about any particular brand through the communication

Target audience in this sphere consists of people who are highly social, which means that they interact with each other wherever they meet. The consumers talk about different brands among themselves analysing how good or bad they are to them given the experience one might be having about any particular brand. Verbal arguments may also be used by firm or company representatives who may be interested in the promotion of their brands. This process instils confidence in consumers as they can try out the new brands in the presence of the brands’ promoters. The interaction between brand representatives and the clients creates a thrilling impression about the brand, which is then shared by the same consumers through the social media showing positive consumer and customer relations.

Potential consumers also get to know about brands through intensive advertising, which may be on television, radio as well as social media. Consumers find out about various brands through this process of advertising where all details of the brand are well expressed. Through detalization of any given brand, the consumer is able to know its price and, therefore, will get an opportunity to carry out the necessary budgetary requirements. Adverts are significant since they keep on reminding consumers about how to acquire and use their costs, as well as where to get the brand. Adverts act as catalysts in making consumers aware of any particular brand in circulation in the market.

Sales promotion of brands was another form through which consumers got connected with the brands of their choice. This was done by salespeople who would demonstrate how a certain item is used just as the consumers witnessed. This type of brand promotion was accompanied by bonuses as well as free gifts as a form of appreciation from the firm involved. This form of sales promotion enabled any people to know more about the brands in circulation. Hence, information about them circulated over vast areas. Sales promotion through salespeople has been declining over the last decade as other methods of making consumers aware of new brands in the markets have been developed. Consumers got to know more about brands due to professionalism of the firms in brand’s promotional mix methods. Some of the promotional mix methods included: money-off promotions, bonus packs, free in-or-on pack gifts, premiums, free samples, coupons, prize promotions and price discounts. These methods are still in use nowadays.

The relationships between businesses and consumers or firms and retailers have become stronger over the last few years due to development of global systems, such as the internet. It is obvious that information about new brands of items reaches consumers in the fastest possible way through the internet. For instance, a firm that is producing ghee can place its ghee products on the web-site where consumers all over the world will have access to the new products on sale. Moreover, they can easily find out the cost of the necessary goods. Through the internet, the information is relayed in the fastest way possible to reach all the potential consumers. Information about the products, including its cost, is also placed on the site where the merchandises are sold or are readily available. The internet also brings consumers all over the world together since they usually interact with the interest of knowing more about any particular brand in the market. The consumers who have already used any particular brand can tell others more about it, therefore providing other potential customers with healthy information about that brand. This enhances knowledge about particular brands and make them circulate with ease. For that reason, consumers will gain confidence in choosing that particular brand. Purchasers can also get access to the websites of the various firms or businesses where they can come across the various brands of their choice. The internet is usually helpful since it contains largely uncontrolled social media as well as its web portals, such as Yahoo!, where consumers will have full access to products of their choice.

Firms and companies have come up with other ways of ensuring consumers to connect to various brands through direct marketing, public relations and publicity, sponsorship, exhibitions, distribution, as well as internet and on-line marketing. These methods ensure that information about various brands has reached the target consumers. Apart from the social media, the printed press is also another source of connection between producers of various brands and its consumers. Customers who are fond of reading will always get connected to the brands of their choice through the print media. Most brands as well as their details appear in the printed media in order to attract the readers. These readers may also inform others about the different brands in the printed media.

Another important approach through which information about brands finds its way to consumers is mobile phone communication. Customers may call their friends to inform them about various brands in the market. The respective firms may also send short messages to consumers giving detailed information about the brands. Through this way, consumers feel appreciated by the respective firms. This method enables each and every individual to have information and be in a very good position to receive a favourite brand.

On the contrary, most consumers have been using the same ways or channels to get access to new brands

The market has been the most popular area used by consumers since it still remains to be the place where they usually get most of the brands that they tend to choose. Customers of various brands often have no access to social media, which makes them rely mostly on market areas where they get the brands of their choice. Other consumers may not be able to travel long distances to get the brands that they may have seen being advertised due to financial constraints.

Most consumers also ignore information that is circulated in the social media about various brands, and some of them end up getting connected to the wrong brands they did not want to acquire. The majority of customers have stuck to the traditional methods of acquiring brands since they believe it to be the best method where they won’t be conned or where they don’t have to go through intermediaries in the form of middlemen. Consumers in general feel secure when they deal with sellers one-on-one so as to ensure and instil customer’s confidence. 

In summary, consumers receive needed brands in new ways

The likes of the internet and the proponents that make up the social media, such as Google, Yahoo, Face Book as well as Twitter, have enhanced the way information moves from one place to another. The improved print media has also played a very good role in disseminating information about various brands all over the world. Highly developed transport and communication sectors have been the main catalysts of giving information about new ways of acquiring brands.


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