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1) In Thomas Benders book, called Washington Square in the Growing City Greenwich Village, the story begins from building the New City Hall in 1811. The building was faced with an expensive white marble while the north and back sides of the construction were made of cheap brownstone. Thus, the authorities decided to save taxpayers' money. The north side area of the city began to grow, And the commissioners foresaw that the city covered the entire island of Manhattan. The plan of the commissioners of 1811 described New York in its modern form. The 1811 plan was a part of a larger reorganization of the citys social life. These changes have created modern New York, and much of their cultural meaning can be illuminated by reflecting on the relation of the history of Washington Square to the growth of the city between 1830 and 1890. The author also tells about the epidemic in 1798 that killed 1,301 New Yorkers. For many decades, the area had been used as a burial place for the poor or simply those who were hanged for breaking the law. With time, the citys government decided to convert the burial ground to open Fifth Avenue for development. The official opening of the new Square took place on July 4, 1828. Second rate genteel house was finished in 1820s in the area that is now designated as the Charlton-King-Van Historic district, while elegant upper-class homes were built on Bleecker Street, especially the block known as Le Roy Place between Mercer and the Greene, and east of Broadway on Bond, Great Jones, and Lafayette. All of these new buildings represented a revolution in urban life. Thus, the city of New York is an extremely prominent example of the modern complexity of architecture.



2) In his book, Le Corbusier clearly explains why he prefers New York to any European city. As skyscrapers occur at alarming rate, the continuing construction of New York is considered as a usage of unlimited opportunities. His description evaluates the infrastructure, architecture, and the purity of New York as well as the unpredictability of the metropolis. The city includes several districts that plays various roles in society. For example, the author deems that New York is unique as it serves as the business and social epicenter among international cities. Le Corbusier claims that at the moment, it is similar to moving house because all furniture is scattered in disarray. Comparing New York with other cities, it would be appropriate to mention that the author contrasts New York and Paris highlighting the discrepancies between them. He seeks to discern where the audience is while talking about New York and what distinguishes it from other cities. Nevertheless, he emphasizes some dilapidated old buildings and the European model, which not only considers the background of modern architecture but also tries to avoid taking much space to build enough constructions. Le Corbusier claims that in Paris, the tiny cobblestone streets get entangled in a confusing city visualization of complex compositions and the other charming objects. Built in the grid vein, New York is divided into twelve parallel lanes crossed by a few hundreds of streets, all of which is at right angles to each other. As there is such a convention, one will not have to spend much time and effort to reach any part of the city, unlike in its European counterparts. Le Corbusier explains this state of affairs by phrase an American way.

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3) At the end of May of 2015, there was an absolutely new opportunity to see the city of New York from a height. For many years, there were only two competitors in Midtown fight for the sympathies of tourists, the Empire State Building and Rockefeller Center with its Top of the Rock. Now, there is a third player on the market. It is the highest skyscraper in America, One World Observatory. It is located in downtown of Manhattan. The construction of The Freedom Tower" had lasted for about 6 years. The skyscraper was built to express the greatness of the fallen Twin Towers. It already amounts to almost 530 meters that make it the highest in the western hemisphere. Home overview section of the new observation deck is located on the 100th floor, which means that the old Empire State Building it bypassed from this perspective. The building has two levels where people can take a look at the city from the 86th and 102nd floors. It would be appropriate to note that the viewing platform on the 102nd floor is a perfect place for admiring New York. The new building complex was constructed in the Financial District of the city. It was built after the deadly attack on the, so-called, Twin Towers, which were destroyed in 2001, on September 11. In fact, the complex includes OWTC building, so-called Freedom Tower, a museum and a memorial to 9/11. It contains 2 huge waterfalls and fountains located on the site of two Twin Towers. It is considered that the tower OWTC is a symbol of the greatness of the United States as well as the incarnation of the unity of the previous two World Trade Center towers. Eventually, the building of One World Trade Center is the tallest and the safest in New York.


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