Jan 25, 2018 in History

Historical Overview

A new long term war is inevitable, and it might just last over Thirty years; that is according to Klare

Comparisons have been made between the major fight over the all important oil resource that is looming, evidenced by the American invasion of the Middle East countries of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Comparisons have been made between the 17th century war and the present

The two conflicts do share similarities. For instance, both this wars were fought to gain control over others: the Roman church initiated the conflict in a bid to force the Protestants to acknowledge and accept the Catholic denomination, while the current war is fought under the pretence of a fight against terrorism, whereas the real fight is for the control of Energy resources in the Middle East (Klare). Differences between the two wars are that whereas the initial war was a conflict fought by and affected only the European countries, the current war has witnessed participation by almost all the major state powers in the world, with the consequences being felt all around the world in terms of oil resource prices (Genest 36). Additionally, whereas the 17th century war was instigated by a religious stance, the new war is purely commercial based with control over the oil resources the main agenda.


The short film examines the reasons for the Afghan war and how they have managed to cloud up ever since its inception. According to Zweig, the Government started with the idea of going after the bad guys, but somewhere down the line priorities seemed to change to invading Iraq. This is similar to the other conflicts that the US has been involved in the past, where priorities seem to change once the country has a clear grip on its initial agenda; for instance, the liberation of Kuwait from Iraq by the U.S in the 90s.

As the U. S military bravely continues its campaign in the Middle East, I honestly do not envision a victory in the war. President Obama has categorically stated that he intends to initiate a pull out strategy from the country as soon as 2013, and this will only grant the Taliban an opportunity to regain the power they lost in 2001 when the U.S invaded. The withdrawal of international forces will only serve, in some respects, to leave the country in a worse off state than it was initially. The victory will not be pretty because their will be no long term victory in the end.


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