The Tiwanaku

Alan L. Kolata's, The Tiwanaku, is the great book about the social and historical origins of the Tiwanaku region and its... Details >>

Real Estate Section of “The New York Times”

The newspaper I selected is online version of “The New York Times” on their website The Real Estate section... Details >>

Scholarly Sources

Doctoral learners are expected to use only verifiable scholarly sources in their coursework and dissertation research. L... Details >>

Clay Shirky Here Comes Everybody

Сommunal aspесts of digital сulturе run dееp and widе. Wikipеdia is just onе rеmarkablе еxamplе of an еmеrging сollесtiv... Details >>

Apple’s Share Increases

1. Executive Summary: This paper attempts to review the Apple Inc. corporate operational strategies that have influenced... Details >>

Changing Landscape of Linear Broadcast TV Channels

According to IPTV Global Forecast (2008-2013), global IPTV subscribers are going to increase from 28 million to 83 milli... Details >>