Intersectionality theory

Intersectionality theory suggests that connections exist between race, gender and class in real life. The intersectionality theory was first suggested by Kimberly when she discovered that very many differences exist between the black women segregation. Feminist scholars had set aside women of color to identify issues that they faced. The scholars discovered that very many differences still existed even between the black women. Being a black woman is limited to having a black completion. Many other ...


Risk Factors of Life Expectancy

The contemporary world aims to reach the most optimal terms of development practically in every sphere of life. Evolution is a significant part of the world’s movement towards future. However, health remains the main issue in the performance of every nation. The current discussion is a reflection of life expectancy data and risk factors associated with it on the example of Australia and India. The following discussion is an illustration of keeping up-to-date with the latest tendencies and trends in ...