Jan 25, 2018 in Informative

A Soccer Game

A new day begun and all the people are rejoicing and ready to go and witness the victory of their teams. It was on 5th December 2011 at Pakistan National Stadium when the match between India and Pakistan had to begin at 2 p.m. The funs had come early, and the stadium was full of people waiting to cheer for their teams. A lot of funs had come from India, but the 80 % of the stadium were Pakistani. All funs believed that their team will get out victoriously. The media had come to air the game live in the television because the stadium was full, but there were those who did not have time or possibility to go, so they could watch it on the television.

The game begun at 2.10 p.m. and all the funs watched silently

The players from India had the courage and they thought that India will emerge the winner. The stickers of India tried many times to score a goal but all in vain. The first half ended with score being 0-0. The second half begun, and the defenders for Pakistan were strong trying to defend many strikes made by India. The game was tough for Pakistan despite the cheering from the funs. The Pakistan coach started instructing them while in the filed. At the 91st minute striker Zech got the ball from midfielder, and he passed all Indian defenders, and he made an excellent goal. After three minutes, the game was over and Pakistan player went out celebrating.

The game ended with Pakistan victory of 0-1

The Indian funs went away disappointed, because India played well but did not win. The funs from Pakistan celebrated even in the streets of the city making joyful songs and woes. The game showed that the funs cheering for a team and venue of play can determine the victory of the team.


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