Jan 25, 2018 in Informative

Animal Testing

Contemporary world has made tremendous impact on the nature

And obviously not all of its consequences were positive – numerous flora and fauna species have disappeared while many are under the threat of vanishing. Under these circumstances should scientists continue using animals in laboratory testing and research? Even taking into account all benefits it gives, using helpless and speechless creatures looks unethical. My strongest persuasion is that there are no options than testing on animals to move the science forward.

Animals are used in testing to check new medical drugs or quality and safety of new chemicals

The main argument in favor of using animals is that it helps to advance medical science while avoiding human involvement into the testing process and find the cure for many decease (Medicinal Animal Experimentation: Pointless Cruelty or Necessary Evil). It saves human lives and allows developing and pilot new sophisticated ways of treating including surgeries, procedures, etc. Without using animals many research are impossible, as using humans in testing is just unacceptable. While the main argument against animal testing is their suffering from pain and death, frequently useless by results of the research, animals have benefited too from the results of research – antibiotics, insulin, modern anesthetics, penicillin and various transplantation surgeries are now successfully applied due to animal research  (Understanding Animal Research, 2012).

In general, animal testing is the only method among other alternatives to get really accurate and reliable knowledge. Computer forecasting and stem-cells research still are not able to provide evidence that could be compared to animals testing (Understanding Animal Research, 2012). While scientists continue working on improving alternative methods of research, animals will continue save our lives by theirs. Animal testing looks severe and leads to liberal killing of multiple innocent creatures, but it is inevitable evil. Animals’ lives in testing are that price we have to pay to be able to survive and save lives.


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