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City of God

City of God is an Indian thriller movie which narrates the story of Tamil immigrant workers. The planning of the film revolves around the life of four families and the need to seek revenge for those who feel short-changed. There are different perspectives from which the families see ‘the side of a coin’. In the first scene, the narration tries to link two souls that are in love with each other and who fear to expose it to the public. For instance, Marathakam is not happy, signifying that her soul is longing for the joy somewhere else. Her family is painted as not being settled and she is forced to abandon her first partner in pursuit of the happiness.

It is worth noting that the film takes into consideration the aspect of grave challenges that are reflected by various families. Therefore, the film was oriented to illustrate the various types of families and how they are set. That is why the various families are seen to be encountering one challenge after another. The second family of Marathakam does not do well either. In realizing that she had made a mistake, Marathakam turns down the marriage celebration when she gets to know that the bridegroom is a thief. This signifies that the setting of families tend to experience many difficulties. Marathakam moves from one family to the other in search for true love, but she ends up being hurt.

The second husband is seeking revenge. The issues being raised here are that the families are not going to stand the test of time, and that those seeking to win their first love will do whatever it takes to destroy the next relationship. This confirms when the escape of Marathakam and Swamavel turn tragic when they run into an accident. The setting and planning in the first scene illustrates that the new family did not leave to the expected ideals of the society.

The other issue brought up in the film is the rot in the families. In order to thrive, the film indicates that it was set to illustrate that people have to murder an individual. On the other hand, just as it was reflected in the first scene, the film uses the actress Surya, who also faces several challenges in her marriage life. The setting seeks to show that this is the second family that have no peace and in the pursuit of it, people must separate. However, there is a mischief in the attempt to separate of Surya and her husband. The challenges being brought forward by the film clearly show that others might not be able to make it through the family breakups. Such a scene is witnessed when Surya tries to commit suicide, an act that shows that the setting of the film was intended to have a sad ending for all those who were never happy with their first re-union.

City of God was planned in such a way that the end result of relationship, affairs and love was an accident. Jyothi lal and Surya are both involved in accident just like in the first scene. However, despite the several challenges encountered by those who express love for each other, the film seeks to end with a happy ending. The idea was to plan reunion, love and challenges to encounter both characters so that in the need they could rejoice in their engagement. Despite the accidents that happen, the film focuses on the positive end results where Swamavel marries Marathakam and Liji marries Shamir.


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