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He is stupid, greedy, quick and limber as physical traits as a result performed acrobatics. He is a servant of a lover. He has a love interest. However, it is always overcome by fear of his master and desire for food. Arlechinno rarely succeeded in pursuing the lover. For instance, he masqueraded as a foreigner in order to woo Doona Lucia. In addition, he has a tactic in that he could interfere or ridicule his competitor to win over a lady.


They are selfish and self-centered where they perceive themselves as most important persons. In addition, they fall in love with anything that seems related to it. They tend to be overly dramatic in expressing their emotions. Most of the time, they lacked words whenever they met their lovers after being separated for a while. For them to say something, they needed a servant to act as a link. They act in a childlike and immature way.  For instance, in the event one fails to get what he needs, he stamps his feet, sulk, and even cry. They complain if things turn out unexpected.

II Capitano

He is boastful as depicted when he tells people about himself. However, in the presence a woman he remains quiet, arrogant and egocentric individual. Despite being depicted as courageous, he is a coward not suitable to be a captain. For instance, when he observes anything he deems a threat whereby he trembles while squatting, making himself insignificant. In addition, he pretends to have higher status in society than other people.


He is a rich old man and miserly. He holds the highest social status in the commedia trend. He has employed servants to work for him.  He is afraid of losing his money. As a result, he assumes low social status in society. He walks with his purse protecting it from thieves and daughters who could steal his money.

II Dottore

He is a fake character: usually seen at the end of the play. He is rated highly in the commedia social hierarchy together with other old people like Pantalon and Il Capitanoe. He is a doctor, although there are controversies on whether he has ever gone to school or not.  He is able to maintain his high rank in society since he can make a discussion seemingly not knowing the subject of discussion. He speaks in fake Latin continuously. The lower class individuals are amazed by his “knowledge” and thus maintain his status.


He is a proprietor of a shop in addition to being the boss of Zanni and Arlecchino.  He is not wealthy, but better off than the others. He is offered and asked to give advice to Innamorati.  He is good at pretending to take up some roles. He can be a servant, magician, fortune teller and this makes him appealing to lower class characters.


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