Jan 25, 2018 in Informative

Communication with Others

My interpersonal communication skills are adequately developed such that through them I am able to pass across meaningful and timely information to the people surrounding me. For instance, I am able to structure the information in a comprehensive manner by taking into account the context, age factor, and language familiarity. This enables me to purse a careful choice of words and proper tone so that the message I am passing across is received appropriately. I have significant trouble communicating with my church priest because of the need to match his tone and structure the message in such a manner he understands it correctly. I would like to change my inherent communication behavior in which I like passing across messages with hidden meanings and expect the people I am communicating with to understand me.

Small Groups Communication

My communication capabilities in small groups in impressive, since I am able to quickly analyze each individual’s language level almost in instant. In addition, I am able to listen more carefully to each person’s contribution to a talk. This enables me to structure my messages more appropriately. I tend to listen more than speaking in a small group situation. This is primarily because there is a domineering element coming from the need for each individual to make their contributions to the talk. My listening skills are adequately developed, since this gives me an adequate background of each individual’s language level through analysis of word choice, tone, and articulation. I tend to listen more than talk in small groups, which is essentially not balanced. Moreover, I tend to disapprove my friends in small groups on ideas I do not agree with them. I would like to increase my ability to take into consideration each person’s view before disputing.

Public Speaking

My public speaking skills are well developed with regard to word choice, articulation and use of proper tone to suit the context and gathering. The last time I gave a public presentation in front of others I felt uncomfortable because some members of the crowd appeared to put more scrutiny into my articulation as opposed to the message being passed across. However, my performance was excellent courtesy of the positive applause accorded to me. During public speaking I tend to incorporate jargons, which sometimes end up being misunderstood by some members of the gathering. Similarly, I tend to use complex colloquial expressions, which at times end up being misinterpreted by the audience. I would like to change these aspects to better my public speech delivery mechanisms.


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