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book Effectiveness of Online Job Search


Over the last ten years, the internet has proved its significance for its users in different areas. It mostly manifested itself in the various attributes made possible by the improvements and innovations in this field. Specifically, the searching process has been vastly enhanced by the use of the internet, which made it easy for people to access anything they desired without the associated movements that existed in the past. People are now able to shop online, search for car rentals, and find apartments all in the comfort of their homes. In the recent years, the unemployment rates have reduced due to the increasing number of recruitments made through the internet. It is evident that the workless individuals who apply for jobs over the web are likely to get them faster than the ones applying for the same positions manually. As a result, more sites aimed to match the unemployed individuals with the suitable vacancies are developed every day. Although the process of online searching has existed for an extended period, the recent changes and improvements have made the search more efficient with the projection of its ability to increase the workers wages in the future.


According to research conducted in the U.S., individuals who search for jobs online have the possibility of decreasing frictional unemployment by 25% more than the people who use the old ways of searching for jobs. The reduction in unemployment due to online search is increasing daily with the growth of specialized work searching sites, as the number of applications that can be transmitted via the internet is much larger compared to the number of requests made manually. People are now able to send more applications without wondering from company to company by searching online for the firms they prefer and forwarding their requests for approval. The possibilities of being matched with the right vacancy may be limited. Nonetheless, individuals prefer to store their resumes online so that should there emerge anything new, they will know about it and apply for it.

According to Kuhn, most of the individuals who look for work online are unemployed people between the ages of 24 and 28. However, due to the increased advertisement and effectiveness of online job searching, people of all ages are now applying for vacancies online. Some may be looking for alternative positions while in their current jobs, and others may be trying to find their first jobs. As a result, more people are developing trust in online job searching due to the reduction of the period individuals stay unemployed compared to those using the standard ways of looking for jobs. Although the manual method is still effective today, it is becoming easier to go online for the information about the vacancies that present themselves every day in companies around the world. The non-internet job seekers, therefore, take more time before they learn about the vacancies and, as a result, the opportunities pass them even though they may have been qualified for the jobs.

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The effectiveness of online job search has increased lately despite the fact that the internet has been there for an extended period. The primary reason that has caused the recent escalation in the use of the online process to search for jobs is the level of technological advancement. The utilization of internet has increased worldwide, which made it possible for a substantial percentage of the world population to access the sites of a variety of companies in different fields. Compared to the previous periods, when the internet was hardly accessible in some places, nowadays, people can enjoy the benefits of the internet even in the very remote areas of the world. With this growth in availability of the network, home internet access has promoted job search over the web in the recent years compared to the periods when the internet was a privilege. Internet access has spread all over the world to the extent that people can now be online in their homes, places of work, and even schools.

Another major reason for the increased prevalence of online job search is the recent growth in the production of different gadgets and devices that can access the internet. There have been constant changes and improvements made by various electronic companies to introduce individuals to appliances that could provide connection to the internet. As a result, more people can now access the internet wherever they are compared to the situation that was observed a decade before. Computers were available only to a limited number of individuals in the past, and with the introduction of the online job searching process, only a small percentage of people were able to apply for jobs online. However, during the past ten years, computers have demonstrated their importance in different aspects of the human lives. Therefore, more people have acquired them not only for the office use but also for their homes. Internet usage has increased and, consequently, there has been a boost in online job search by the unemployed individuals in the U.S. and the rest of the world. Additionally, more gadgets apart from computers have been introduced in the world, including tablets and smartphones. The increased number of these devices has made it possible for people to access the internet anytime they need and, therefore, increased the level of online application.

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Current trends and digitization are another major cause of the growing number of successful online job applications. Companies and employers are now using the internet to advertise the available positions in their enterprises and places of work. This way, they ensure that they hire competent and reliable individuals that are fit for specific vacancies. Moreover, with the emergence of online job search, employers can access the internet and look for particular persons with the required qualifications and personalities. As companies have successfully incorporated their interests in online recruitment, more enterprises have now become engaged in this process as they have seen the benefits it provides compared to the old methods.

Looking for work online has proved its importance in the reduction of the level of frictional unemployment. Additionally, research indicates that wages for workers are likely to increase in future because employed individuals search for greener pastures in other companies and employers. As they access the internet and apply for jobs that pay higher salaries than their current jobs, there are high chances of them leaving their positions after the acceptance of their applications in other places with higher pay. Moreover, looking for employment over the internet gives individuals a chance to compare several jobs and find the ones that offer better conditions. Therefore, despite the fact that employers have the advantage of choosing the best of applicants over the internet, they also face a big challenge concerning the employees wages. To compete for the best employees and, at the same time, retain the ones they have, they must maintain a fair market salary for all staff members.


The process of looking for work over the internet has expanded all across the world with the growing level of technological development. Individuals now have the opportunity of getting their dream jobs without spending much time visiting an endless list of companies looking for work. As a result, the level of friction unemployment has reduced massively in the U.S. and other parts of the world as well. Increased access to the internet as a consequence of the improvements in technology has enabled online job search to benefit individuals despite the fact that the internet has been there for a long time. The paper has established that shortly, the employee wage rate will increase as a result of online job search as the employers will be forced to raise the payment for the workers to retain them while at the same time attempting to select competent and profitable employees among the internet applicants.


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