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Event management week 4

Description of the Event

The event was an end-of-the-year party for our corporation held at Dados Resort. Its purpose was to celebrate the exemplary financial achievement of the corporation at the end of the year. The event was held on 19th December 2016. The total cost of the event was $5500. The event was attended by 700 people drawn from all the branches of the corporation. The party was held at reserved places in the resort marked by tents. It started at 8 PM and ended at 2 AM. The food was served together with alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.


Facility Management/ Event Site

The management of the facility is exceptionally good. All measures are put in place to avert the risks associated with events. The proper organization is felt right from the time of signing in. All visitors were carefully identified with their valid drivers licenses or federal issued ID cards. Lines for admission are in a well-lit area. Security guards check for the proof of legal age and affix wristbands. At the location, there are responsible persons to monitor compliance with the set guidelines throughout the event.

The entrance and exits are well marked each having a security guard. They are also well lit. Security checks are conducted at the entrance to let in only identifiable people and keep away those who are likely to cause harm.

The venue of the event had ample security personnel. An attendee encountered them at the first point of entrance into the venue where they frisked and guide through the procedure of signing in. All security staff was from a licensed security company. There were fifty attendees of our group, and we were allocated three security officers.

The event considered the needs of a diverse group including people with disabilities. They provided a sign language interpreter just in case there was an attendee with a hearing impairment. It also had alternative formats of printed material. The event venue was near the ADA designated park with a ramp leading to the entrance.

Size of the Crowd

The crowd was moderate during the event. The total population was 500 people including 350 men and 150 females. The largest percentage was an adult population of more than 25 years of age. The population younger than 21 years were mainly sons and daughters of the attendees.

The traffic flow during the event was fairly smooth. Transportation of people to the venue was carried out by hired bus companies. The buses were registered through the parking and transporting office. The registration ensured that there was enough designated space to accommodate vehicles and that boarding and unloading were fast. Responsible contacts were charged with the responsibility of monitoring the process of boarding, transportation, and unloading.

The crowd traffic control was further enhanced by the multiple internal access control teams that helped to direct the attendees. The control teams monitored zones which they were familiar with. The contracted security team also helped to effectively manage the traffic flow.

At no time were the entrance and exits blocked. Entering and exiting the site were smooth and fast processes. There were several badges which helped avoid crowding around the entrance. The organisers also marked the lines with tapes which the entering crowd followed swiftly. The high level of coordination prevented blocking of entry and exit points.

Nature of the Event/ Age of Crowd

The party was attended mainly by adults of over 25 years of age. The majority of them were below 40 years, though about 25 attendees were above 50 years. Parents also came along with their children making up the proportion of population below 21 years. About 10 interns at the workplace also made up the population below 21 years.

There were no incidents of hostility throughout the event. Traffic flow was efficiently controlled, and there was no scramble for space that could cause hostility. Further, alcohol intake was monitored well so that there were no cases of excessive alcohol intake. The crowd remained sober throughout the party.


Food and attractive non-alcoholic beverages and water were plenty in the party. The food was available when the alcohol distribution began and it was replenished throughout the event. Numerous food options were substantial to offset the effects of alcohol. The foods that were served included pasta, pizza, sandwiches, and heavy appetizers.

The types of alcohol that were offered includebeer and wine. Hard liquor such as grain alcohol and punches were not permitted. Glass bottles were also not allowed in the campus venue. A central point of alcohol distribution was designated.

Alcohol was served a cup at a time, and a maximum 12 ounces of beer and 5 ounces of wine was allowed to each attendee. Contacts and security staff ensured that there was enough alcohol at the event. People who appeared to be intoxicated were not served. Alcohol distribution finished 30 minutes before the end of the event. There was no shut-off of alcohol to the crowd during the party. Alcohol intake was firmly controlled by the security staff.

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Review the Event

The event went on well from the beginning till the end. All the attendees were in a celebratory mood, and there were no complaints. There were no incidents of violence and people derived lots of enjoyment at the party. The meals and entertainment were all well planned and coordinated. When the event was over, the hired buses transported the attendees to their agreed destinations without cases of breakdowns in transportation.

The party was associated with minimum risks because of good planning and organization. Entry and exit into the venue were under proper and effective control; individual behavior in the crowd was also well monitored. There were no cases of violent and aggressive behaviour.

Risk Assessment and Review

Most of the activities at the event were safe and well-planned. The safety and security measures were adequate. The only things that were missing were first response and first aid care. The event could also be safer if emergency evacuation plan from the event venue was provided.

Tragic incidents could have occurred had the event been not well secured. If hard liquor was allowed at the party, the attendees could be inebriated and resort to violent behavior. Glass bottles were also not allowed. If they were allowed, people could throw them around to trigger fights and cause body injuries.


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