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From the Journal of Meriwether Lewis and William Clark

On May 13, 1804 Lewis and I arranged everything ready with the vital stores of supplies and such articles of merchandize as we thought could help us. The following day we began our journey at the Wood River which is a tributary of Mississippi. However, we could not make it more than four miles and had to rest on a small island by name Cold Water (Thwaites, 2002).

After ten days all preparations were complete and left the island. We moved near southern shore, however, between sandbar and the northern side our boat struck on it but it never capsized because we jumped and held till firmly.

On June 4 the river high, we passed a small creek named it Nightingale Creek

This is as result of a bird which sang all night long according to the Camp Mouth of the Kansies, a court martial enforced trial of John Collins and Hugh Hall.  They were charged with drinking whiskey. The officers approved the sentence of the two individuals at three past half on that evening (Lewis & Clark, 2004 , p. 23).

The officers Captain M. Lewis and W. Clark made themselves court Martial which tried persons of capital crimes which was punishable by death. Alexander Willard was charged for sleeping on his post. However, the pleaded guilty of lying down and not guilty of sleeping. At the end he was found guilty of all charges leveled against him.

On 25, August 1804 Captain Lewis and Clark concluded and left to view the Mound. The  evidence which people gave for believing that this place to be the home of some spirits thus a large collection of Birds about the place (Stephen, 2011, p. 26).

On 30, August there was a council under a tree where there was a flag flying

We meet the Souex people who use arrows and bows. They warriors are decorated with paint porcupine quills and feathers. We learnt of a Village of animals that dig the ground. I managed to kill two one by pouring water in his hole. We attempted to dig some of the beds of the animals.  The holes of the animals had a number of holes on the top of where animals Set made whistling noise. On 17, September, Colter managed to kill a Goat and mule Deer of a Dark- gray Colour.

The American lady who was sixteen years of age and pregnant was very valuable for her knowhow of the Shoshone language. Clark aided her deliver a wintry fort and she gave him a thousand times over by arranging with her kinsmen for their safe passage over the Rockies. On 11, September I was determined to dry out. We emptied and lit the boat which had found could not help us continue with the baggage. We decided to conclude our journey and return home.


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