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Getting Mobile

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Mobile technologies have become an inevitable part of our everyday’s life. Despite this fact, we know little about main aspects of mobile innovations. Therefore, this presentation has been specifically designed to address the main issues related to it.

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During my investigation I have focused upon certain types of hardware and software and their impact upon mobile technology.

In general, I would like to admit that all of them interrelated and in total benefit to the overall spread of mobile technologies.

Input and Output devices like Bluetooth, infrared, USB etc makes it possible to send different sort of data from one mobile device to another. It is extremely useful in both personal and business lives as there is always a need to share information.

Hands free is another amendments that makes the use of mobile phone more convenient as the person can, for example, run or clean up the house while talking over the telephone.

Applications like camera, mp3 player, internet, organizers installed in the mobile phones helps to replace the traditional separate devices like alarm, calendar, camera and mp3. In total, it makes your bag weight smaller and of course brings some comfort to life. At the same time, the impact upon the industries that produce the above described goods will not suffer from this as the mobile phones, for example, could not create the same pictures as professional camera.

Modern smart phones are also exploited when one needs internet connection. 3G, GSM, CDMA makes it possible for the user to view WebPages and perform certain operations like on the personal computer. At the same time, due to the size and other inconveniences cell phones will not replace traditional PC with their modems, routers etc.

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Personal use of smart phones

In general, I can bet that there is no teenager who can imagine his or her everyday life without smart phones. We use them for communication, education, entertainment etc. Thousands of dollars are spent on the elaboration of new applications which makes our life simpler and more enjoyable.

In terms of communication, every user can either call or text someone which is a conventional type of communication. Due to such applications as Skype, What’s up, Viber people who are residing in completely opposite parts of the world could communicate for free. And of course we cannot take into consideration various social networks the use of which has become simpler and more convenient with the elaboration of smart phones. In addition, in case you need to check up any data on the given topic, you can easily use your smart phone and look it up on the net in few seconds. It also helps you to lighten the tension while playing various games on it. In addition, smart phones are extremely precious when their applications help you to get out of trouble. For example, if you are lost your can easily find out the right path with help of Google Maps which are available on each smartphone.

Consequences of mobile use on my life:

  • Increased use of communication over phone;
  • Fast fulfillment of certain educational tasks;
  • Increased control of health conditions due to several health-oriented applications;
  • Decrease of personal contacts;
  • Greater level of dependency upon phones (as a lot of valuable data is stored in it).

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Business use of smart phones

In general, mobile technologies have changed the face of economy as well as its core elements – industries. It has been reported that this year the number of mobile application has exceeded the number of world’s population. In order to remain competitive organization should adjust their policies to the new terms of life dictated by the wide use of technology. In total, there are seven main consequences each organization has experienced after the technological revolution.

  1. In order to remain competitive, every organization is expected to add connectivity to its business;
  2. A lot of marketing campaigns are performed with help or through the mobile phones. Advertisements are now viewed on the mobile screen;
  3. The use of mobile phones has increased the speed of business decision-making and operations;
  4. A lot of alternative business models have been established;
  5. The companies started to adopt new strategies due to the establishment of digital downloads;
  6. Plenty of tickets, loyalty cards, coupons etc have moved to the mobile screens, which let to decrease production costs;
  7. E-commerce, E-pay facilities and mobile banking have been also reported to accelerate and fasten the operations between the organizations.

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Identity theft via smart phones

Due to increased popularity of iPhones and Androids and to the amount of data stored on it, smart phones are remarked to become a target for identity theft.

Ways of becoming a victim of identity theft:

  • A cell phone has no password or biometrical protection;
  • A theft could be performed through the hacking of the phone with help of Wi-Fi or Bluetooth;
  • In case you lend your phone to others without protecting the personal information that is stored on it;
  • The steal of information could be also performed in case someone gains at least temporary access to one’s mobile phone;
  • Identity theft could also occur if the person transmits any personal information regarding, for example, credit card number over the phone. A thief can hear and then use it.

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Security issues

Methods of protection:

  • Avoid auto-saving of passwords;
  • Install automatic locking of the phone after certain period of its inactivity;
  • Use strong and different passwords;
  • In case you do not use your phone, keep it a safe and distant place;
  • Check up all the data stored on your cell phone before you give it away;
  • Do not transmit any valuable or personal data over the telephone in non-safe surroundings;
  • Also try to avoid the use of easy-to-guess passwords (like the one which is the combination of your birthday date);
  • Use the passwords which contain letters, numbers, symbols if possible etc;
  • Install protection-oriented applications on your phone;
  • Use biometric protection if possible. For example, some models of HTC phones could be used without previous scan of its owner’s face.

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Globalization in IT

Globalization of the modern world of course touches IT as its inevitable part. In fact, it accelerates the changes that happen to technology. New innovations are created every day or even second. And since nowadays there are no limits as internet reaches everything there is an increased demand in mobile phones and its numerous less or more useful applications all over the globe. Respectfully, if there is demand, the market will provide you with offers. Therefore, IT industry increases as the globalization spreads.

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Business Software Course

In order to be aware of the software nuts and bolts one would need certain kind of education.

The course I have investigated is called ‘Software Development Fundamentals’ and is offered by the Microsoft Virtual Academy. As the studies are conducted online the location of the student is irrelevant. The duration of the course is two weeks. The program covers development of general software (introduction), core programming, desktop and web applications, object-oriented programs. It also gives certain perspective regarding further research and studies. In general it helps its visitors to understand various software-related aspects. No qualifications are needed.

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Job Advertisement Assessment

In order to fulfill the assignment I have analyzed the job advertisement offered by Raytheon.

Job title: Software Engineer.

Job description: the person is expected to work in teams and to design, deliver, and document and code new functionality. In addition, he or she will coordinate with testers, developers, configuration management to ensure that the software components will be successfully integrated.

Required skills: advanced knowledge of Object Oriented design and software development lifecycle; proficiency in Java or C/C++; excellent written and verbal communication skills; ability to work in multicultural environment.

The desired qualifications include the experience with databases, scripting languages and eXtensible Markup Language (XML).

The qualification needed: Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering, Science or Mathematics.

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IT code of conduct is a set of rules that govern the activities of the IT industry workers. It includes the rules regulating the performance of their duties, the further and additional studies, the solutions for various moral problems, confidentiality and privacy regimes, etc.

For example, the IT Code of conduct developed by SANS Company consists of the following rules:

  • I will strive for technical excellence in the IT profession by maintaining and enhancing my own knowledge and skills. I acknowledge that there are many free resources available on the Internet and affordable books and that the lack of my employer's training budget is not an excuse nor limits my ability to stay current in IT.
  • When possible I will demonstrate my performance capability with my skills via projects, leadership, and/or accredited educational programs and will encourage others to do so as well.
  • I will not hesitate to seek assistance or guidance when faced with a task beyond my abilities or experience. I will embrace other professionals' advice and learn from their experiences and mistakes. I will treat this as an opportunity to learn new techniques and approaches. When the situation arises that my assistance is called upon, I will respond willingly to share my knowledge with others. I will avoid and be alert to any circumstances or actions that might lead to conflicts of interest or the perception of conflicts of interest. If such circumstance occurs, I will notify my employer or business partners.
  • I will not injure others, their property, reputation, or employment by false or malicious action.
  • I distinguish between advocacy and engineering. I will not present analysis and opinion as fact.
  • I will adhere to Industry Best Practices (IBP) for system design, rollout, hardening and testing.
  • I will accurately document my setup procedures and any modifications I have done to equipment. This will ensure that others will be informed of procedures and changes I've made.

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The Liability of IT companies

The responsibility of IT companies could be divided into two categories: the liability before customers and workers.

Considering the first type of responsibility one should admit that IT companies are really concerned about its customers and aim at providing them with the best product possible at the most lower price. It is understandable as the customers are the main source of company’s profit.

However, these rules do not apply to the workers. Frequently, the latest are employed via civil-law agreements and therefore they are deprived of the basic guarantees ensured for the traditional workers by the labor law.

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What is multiskiling?

Multi-skilling is the phenomenon which is rapidly spread among the most promising companies due to its numerous benefits. The term means the situation where a single employee obtains a lot of skills and therefore can perform various job duties in various spheres and cycles of company’s activities. It is extremely useful for the elaboration and development of project which require the involvement of specialists from different fields of work. In such cases the company can cut it expenses since it does need to hire additional personnel to finish the project as it has its own employee able to fulfill tasks of different kind requiring various skills. In total, it can cut the bottom line of the company and to increase the productivity rate.

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Mobile technologies have deep roots in everyday life of each person, therefore it is rather important to be aware of all aspects that affect the development and use of the mobile phones around the world.


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