Jan 25, 2018 in Informative

Plato The Republic

Education was and remains one of the most significant aspects of human life

It is regarded in such way since a new-born member of a society learns about the already existing system of knowledge, education and up-bringing. Moreover, it goes without saying that education is one of the core prerequisites for a child’s successful development and full-fledged adult life. In this respect, the question arises: what character trait contributes the most to children’s development and well-being? It is really hard for me to name just one feature, but I deeply believe that such two character traits as stubbornness and the ability to think critically are of key importance.  

In the first place, it seems to me that development in any sphere is impossible without constant striving for new horizons. A person who strives for nothing is unlikely to achieve something and be proud of it. If, on the contrary, people have a certain dream or aim, they typically face no obstacles on their way and do everything to achieve the goal. This is how stubbornness works: I know what I want – I know why I want it – I fiercely work on it. There are many examples proving that people pursued their childish dreams and got what they wanted in adult life.

However, stubbornness should have its limits, i.e. a child should be taught to analyse and perceive everything critically. This feature is of great importance since only those people who can analyse their own mistakes (instead of blaming others), admit and correct them and one may see the process of self-improvement, which guarantees success in every sphere of their lives. Besides, human prosperity is impossible without the ability to differentiate between useful and useless information, worthy and unworthy things, good and bad people, etc. That is why critical thinking is inherent to children’s inner growth and well-being.


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