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Professional Development

Leadership is very critical in the modern days. Thus, behind every successful leader is a vibrant culture that involves and strengthens employees. My focus on professional development is to promote and improve the living standards of my family and community. I believe this idea was motivated by my culture and my society, especially my parents. I learned from my culture on how to live peacefully and gain trust from others. I faced different subcultures of Indonesia. I learnt on how to operate in the well-coordinated team work and social classes. This was as a result of continuous interaction with various cultures in different media.

Leadership and Culture

I want to passionately express my stand on my professional development. Over time, I have learned that the Indonesian culture is full of interaction and development of close social links.  Most professional articles stress on Indonesian culture, as the origin of good leadership in most countries of the current world.

Indonesian symbol is a Garuda Pancasila (Five principles that used as foundation) that holds their motto of “Bhinneka Tunggal Ika” which means United in Diversity. Garuda, fairy-tale bird that is found in Hindu and Buddhist mythology, also found in many of Indonesian ancient temples indicating that Indonesia is influenced by them.   Indonesia has more than 300 ethnic groups thus an archipelago country. They offer a perfect example of cultural relativism.  The diversity of culture is clearly shown in Indonesian national symbol. Thus, Garuda Pancasila serves as a symbol of unity despite being a lot of diversities.

Religion is also a critical factor in leadership of people of Indonesia

There are several religions; Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, and Catholics which serves as an interesting base in professional studies. A good leader will learn to acknowledge the cultural diversities of all these religions. The cultural complexity instills the spirit of open-mindedness in a leader.

Indonesia also idolizes intellectual empathy and social relativism to succeed in his/her leadership. Cultures do define and shape political leadership in many nations. It is important to learn and understand complex culture for one to be a good leader. I built a habit of learning the Indonesian culture which is very important in my professional development. Many great leaders adopted global cultures to be successful in their regions. The interaction of folk music and Indonesian dance is a reflection of roots of diverse cultures of the world. Each good leader must embrace and develop respect for culture since people do value them therefore respect for culture is respect for people. It is an interactive tool in leadership.

If a leader ignores culture he/she ignores the people he/she leads

This relies completely on the emphasis people place on the culture. Culture is an in-born trait among people.  Professional growth in culture is a wide field thus people find it challenging in the selection of culture to use in their leadership studies. Leadership skills are not universal. The Indonesian culture has enhanced my interpersonal skills hence I can influence people positively with no conflict.


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