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Surgical Hospital

XYZ Surgical Hospital will be:

120 bed facility

Four (4) Operating Rooms

Two (2) Procedure Rooms

Full Radiology with MRI, CT Scan, Mammography and Ultrasound

Nuclear Medicine

Full CLIA approved lab 

Surgery Procedures are based upon 85% outpatient and 15% inpatient. 

An average length of stay of 3.3 was utilized for inpatient surgical procedures. 

Actual market payor mix is used to calculate a weighted average inpatient per diem.  Payor mix was based upon area hospitals, AHA Surveys 
Managed Care per diems are based upon actual contracts in the market and confirmed with other managed care companies.
Bad Debt Expense is estimated at 9% which is the market payor mix based upon the 2007 AHA Annual Survey.

Management Fee is 4.5% of net revenue or $50,000 whichever is greater.  

Reimbursement rates, volumes per OR and expenses were benchmarked against existing specialty hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers and the MGMA ASC Survey.

Reimbursement rates, ancillary revenues and expenses were benchmarked against The Comparative Performance of U. S. Hospitals The Sourcebook 2008.

Equipment cost is 50% of construction Cost.

Project cost is based upon 2,200 square feet per bed.  Use Capital Budget spreadsheet to calculate.

Salaries are based upon departmental staffing and benchmarked against The Comparative Performance of U. S. Hospitals The Sourcebook 2004.

Dietary is based upon 3.5 meals per day with raw food costs and supplies of $3.50 per meal.

Benefits are 25% of salary.

All expense projections were benchmarked against The Comparative Performance of U. S. Hospitals The Sourcebook 2008.

Average collection period is 60 days.

Surgical Volumes were based upon actual frequency reports of physician owners and the percent of their surgeries and admissions they indicated they would perform in the XYZ facility. **

The Other expenses were forecasted using the following formulas or fixed amounts to arrive at certain monthly amount:

Medical supplies expense is calculated at $300 per surgical procedure
Drug and pharmacy costs are calculated as the sum of $25 per surgical procedure and $75 per bed day.
Purchased services are estimated as 2% of net operating patient services revenue
Transcription fees are $25 per surgical procedure
Office supplies expense is 4% of salaries
Janitorial is estimated as $.25 per square foot per month
Utilities are estimated as $.40 per square foot per month
Miscellaneous expense is estimated as 5% of all expenses, excluding dietary.
Insurance is 2.5% of Net Revenue
Management Contract is 4.5% of Net Revenue or $50,000 per month whichever is greater.

Fixed monthly expense:

  • Maintenance                                     $12,000
  • Professional fees                              $15,000
  • Marketing and advertising                  $20,000
  • Telephone and communications          $12,000
  • Debt Service at 5.5% for 25 years

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