Jan 25, 2018 in Informative

Web Auction

Nowadays, a web auction is a very popular and important thing in the society

Everyone can sell or buy  wide specter of goods or services mostly cheaper than in regular stores. However, there are a lot of people   who are trying to make money disregarding the law or the ethical issues of another people.

There are a lot of moral violation cases at the internet auctions, for example, when models tried to sell their eggs to desperate parents who wanted good-looking children, for approximately $150,000 (Carey Goldberg, 1999). It is often that people are selling items that they stole or acquire in any other illegal way.  But it is not only about violating the law,. Everyday clients of these web sites are reporting about auctions that contradicts their ethical issues, like Nazi items from World War II, lots with racist content, etc. It is wrong that people can put up anything they want for these auctions, not only because it can humiliate people but sometimes because of the shock that can make some people develop mental health disorders (Miriam R. Albert, 2008).

Of course, web auctions are providing some antifraud measures including affirmation of identity, fees, feedbacks and insurances; but they are not very effective though (Sandeep Junnarkar, 1999) . In my opinion online auction companies can set some better control systems, like money rewards for the abuse reports from the customers, or implementation of some tags for prohibited items, so when a seller tries to sell some product from the list of these items it will automatically be reported to the site administration. And if somebody was caught selling illegal or offensive goods or services, the administration needs to ban the seller for a life term.

For now the future of online auctions is unknown

But there are two possible outcomes. If things only get worse and people in the future make more ethical and law violations, then, in my opinion, the government will be forced to block these sites. But if people behave with more respect for other people, this can improve the economic situation in the whole country. 


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