Jan 25, 2018 in Literature

Literature of the Blues

From the poem, the word “fiddle” has been used, and may have different meanings. According to OED the word “fiddle” can be used as a noun or verb. As a noun, it is used to describe a stringed musical instrument, usually the violin, although it can also be applied in other instruments of viol kind. As a verb, it can be used to mean playing a fiddle or violin. In the poem, there are things that have been described as more important than fiddle. This may be taken to mean that playing fiddle is not that important in comparison to other things.

Moore’s poem presents a quarrel or disagreement between the mind and the head, body and spirit. This is evident in many lines as some lines contradict with the statements preceding. She talks about poetry, where at first she indicates that she hates poetry and assumes that the person reading also dislikes it. She also describes how the eyes, hands and hair are crucial as they have a high sounding interpretation. The main idea in this poem is that poetry is not crucial as not many people are able to interpret the meaning.

Derivative- according to OED, derivative may be used as an adjective to mean something characterized by transmission or the passage from one to another. In the poem, the word has been used to mean interpretation of poems.

Unintelligible- according to OED, this word refers to something that cannot be easily understood or incapable to being well understood. In the poem, poems are described as unintelligible.

Phenomena- according to OED, it means something that appears, or is perceived to observe a particular fact or occurrence. Poems are described as phenomena as they follow a certain phenomena and perceived as a known intellectuality.

Prominence- this word means the state or quality of being conspicuous, eminence, notoriety, superiority or distinction from a particular field. Poetry is termed as prominence since not many are able to understand it.

This poem does not have any repetition.

There are some contrasting ideas in this poem. For example, in stanza four line one, it is indicated that all these phenomena are crucial (business documents as well as school books). In the next line, (line 2), it indicates that when these phenomena are put into prominence, they do not result into poetry. 


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