Jan 25, 2018 in Literature

No Child

‘No Child’ is an outstanding show that depicts and outcaste the battle ground that United Stated public education system has become. This show consists of both pep and humor and many experts have believed that the show carries a great energy with itself. The show has got the much-needed appreciation throughout United States and Europe. Both audience and critics have been thrilled with the energy and honesty of play. This play has definitely ignited the debate on the crises of public school system. The play has meticulously presented the crises of present day public school system and has presented a light on this dismal situation.

The play is devised from the teaching experience in the roughest school of New York City. ‘No Child’ is a story about Sun who is completely broke and a naïve actor. This actor arrived at Malcolm X high school and her mission was to help the students to rehearse and perform a play. Her first encounter was with a student who was giving taunts to their Asian-American teacher. With this the optimism of Sun was turned down to grim. She confronted with the reality of high staff turnover, parental indifference and mass truancy. She quickly understood that it is difficult to coordinate with students.

Nilaja Sun emerges out as a revelation in itself; throughout the play she displayed the correct balance of mimicry and serious matters. She displayed ear for mimicry and uncanny comic timings. She provided a beautiful architecture of quirky high school; the ecosystem was described as completely dysfunctional and haphazard. Impressive and interesting characters were shown with the inclusion of parents, teachers, administrators, students and security guards. This all characters altogether portrayed an interesting image of school.

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The play is indeed a extraordinary work that shows and revealed the outstanding disparities that exists at the core of United States. The play should be seen by entire generation, from teenage to old people. Everyone would find some or other thing interesting and suited to his taste in the play. This type of work is the result of meticulous thinking and hard work that one can put into writing. The play brilliantly outcaste that a schooling system can be broken up to that level where people do not respect each other. People from every generation and every section of society would find the play that can be linked and associated to their heart.

It is also believed that this play may create negative impression in the mind of kids, it is advisable that this play should not be watched by the children with less than 12 years of age. It is not preferable that kids in that small age get to see the breaking lines in education system. It may create a negative impression in their mind and they can also feel highly de motivated. The actors were also chosen in a careful manner, the acting was so perfect that a virtual classroom could be imagined while watching the play. People could actually think that entire thing is running in front of them and they could actually associate themselves with the characters of play. The play has also provided the hope and belief to the population of America. This emerged out to be an unexpected and superb experience that can change the working conditions in United States education system for a better and saner future, a future where students would respect their teachers and where student would appreciate and respect other students. Children are the bases for any country and play has rightly depicted the importance that should be given to change and alter the existing education system.


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