Jan 25, 2018 in Literature

Short Answers

1. The Story of an Hour starts with the situation when Mrs. Mallard finds out the terrible news about her husband’s death in the accident. Of course, the woman is shocked. At first, she bursts into tears from deep sorrow. Then, Mrs. Mallard, exhausted and emotionless, goes alone to her room. She sits into the armchair, looking in the open window, and starts noticing all the details of the surroundings: the smell of the air, different sounds, blue sky, and birds’ singing. At one moment, a strange incomprehensible feeling occurs to Mrs. Mallard. The conflicting opinions come into her mind. On one hand, the woman is extremely miserable due to the bereavement, but on the other hand, she feels free and contented that all following years will belong only to her. The climax is when these incompatible feelings overwhelm her, and she unintentionally starts to behave like a crazy person. The resolution of the story comes when Brently Mallard, the husband, unexpectedly arrives at home. In a short time, Mrs. Mallard dies of heart disease – “of the joy that kills”.

2. A story The Horse Dealer’s Daughter is written in the omniscient third-person point of view. It gives a reader the possibility to observe main heroes’ actions and feelings from the side. At the beginning of the story, the narrator focuses on the whole Pervins’ family: daughter Mabel, the oldest brother Joe, the second-oldest Fred Henry, and the youngest brother Malcolm. All they are unhappy, poor and jobless without specific prospects for the future. Then, the storyteller draws attention to Mabel. She is miserable, reserved, and lonely. Mabel does not have friends, finds no support in the family, and decides to commit suicide. In the end of the story, the narrator focuses on Dr. Jack Fergusson’s feelings. He is the Pervins’ friend and is not contented with his life as well. It is he who saves Mabel’s life. After this event, Jack and Mabel understand that they love each other and are not lonely anymore. 


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