Jan 25, 2018 in Narrative

Cognitive Sense-Making

During my individual learning, I applied aspects of constructivism theory of learning knowledge and sense-making to the learning process in order to reflect upon and assess the outcome of such process and its relevance to perception and understanding aspects.

From cognitive perspective, construction of meaning for new information proceeds from this meaning’s evaluation in the old mental model. I have reached the conclusion that meaning construction is produced by my perception of new information, retrieval of familiar data from it, and sorting out that data in order to figure out how it relates to my previous cognitive knowledge. In this stage, I use my tacit knowledge for meaning making to achieve my personal understanding of new information. Furthermore, I experience the idea of creative tension, which is based on the difference between what I already know and what benefits may I get from things I will find out.

Two-way communication strategies with my instructor help me fill informational deficit and remove cognitive dissonance which alters my understanding. It should be pointed out that a teacher-cognitive negotiation, which results in feedback, involves an explicit discourse and combines it with initial tacit knowledge.

My previous experience with new meaning construction is reflected in these stages of the sense-making process and learning communication. It also reinforces a subsequent process of my knowledge construction, which assists in development of evaluative skills. Therefore, my misinterpretations are corrected through assimilation of previous and new knowledge, accommodation of the latter in judgment memory, and evaluation of proper interpretation.

In addition, the worth of these ideas are reflected in the combination of personal constructivism strategies, sense-making and knowledge construction processes, which develop metacognitive skills, proceed thinking order to the higher level, create deeper understanding, and stimulate me to learn. Furthermore, I extend my learning from knowledge creation to its interpretation, which is the result of my learning process with reinforced representations.


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