Jan 25, 2018 in Narrative

Journalism in all the President’s Men

For more than thirty-five years, All the President’s Men (1976) has been a must-see movie for every reporter, whether upcoming or experienced. The movie blends the background of the Watergate scandal in the times of Nixon administration and the fundamental principles of journalism. The viewers see the ideal time of reporting when ambitious and dedicated journalists follow the money and try to bring out the criminals into open, notwithstanding how high-ranking they are. The style of investigative reporting in the movie is aggressive and unbiased. It is greatly romanticized as it shows search for the truth which eventually leads to stunning revelations and makes names for the duo of the Washington Post’s journalists.

All the President’s Men is capable of inspiring a young person to choose the career of a reporter since the main characters are represented in the most favorable light. Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward demonstrate how to do the job in the proper way. They set an example of persistence, critical thinking, natural and concise searching examinations and getting answers to confirm their guesses. They behave in both passionate and impersonal way which reveals their in-depth knowledge of psychology. In addition, the movie shows that one of the most essential qualities of a journalist is the ability to trust the instincts.

The movie All the President’s Men serves not only as an entertaining or instructive means of spending spare time, but as a visual textbook on journalism. It reveals the major objective of the journalist’s job and the power of journalism as it is. Helping the society to be transparent, reporting on the most burning issues that matter to the public, fighting for the truth and justice are the functions of every committed journalist whose ambition is not to earn more, but to serve the country and the community.


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