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book Planning and Management

Many communities in the world today are challenged by getting clean and adequate water to cater for their daily needs. Water plays a vital role in enhancing plant and animal life in the world. This challenge is more prevalent in arid and semi arid areas where adequate water is not available (Kabbes, 2007). This paper will therefore look at factors that must be considered when designing method of water provision in arid areas. The areas to be discussed will revolve around; planning, management, finance, harvesting, population, environmental factors and quality of water.

Planning and management of dams. Before construction of dams takes place, it is important to determine the population that will benefit from the project. Population will determine the size of dam that needs to be constructed. This will go hand in hand with determination of soil type and water table levels so that a lot of digging is not involved (Sehlke,2004). In addition, the design should cater for an expanding population, meaning the provision of expanding should be put in place. It is important to involve the community to gain their support as well as to get dependable people who will manage the project once it is complete (Walton, 2005).

Funding. Funds play a pivotal role in determining the size of dam to be constructed. Without adequate finance, such project can stall or fail to start. This is an important aspect that should be considered for effective implementation of the program (Water, 2011).

Maintenance. Any project requires short term and long term envision of how it will work. It will be important to consider how maintenance will be done, cost implication, viability and who will be doing the maintenance. At times, it is important to involve the locals so that cost implication is within reasonable limits (Starret, 2009).

Environmental factors. Factors including weather pattern soil type, relief of the ground and vegetation should be considered. This will help in selecting the best site for location of the water project (Rain, 2011).

In conclusion, all factors should be evaluated extensively to ensure the success of the program. Community participation should be encouraged from the initial stages since they will be the beneficially of the project.


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