Jan 25, 2018 in Narrative

Reflection on Romans

Romans 12: 2 advices that people should never conform to the world, but instead transform by the renewal ideas of the mind: in order to prove what is acceptable before God and a reflection of piety.

This verse directly applies to the life of Christians in the modern world and encourages them to walk with God. The believers in the 21st century encounter several challenges that try to derail them from the faith in God. There are so many situations presenting to us in daily life that contrasts teachings of the bible. God knew of the challenges that Christians would face the taunting task of choosing right as opposed to wrong. As time passes by too, new things come up, and people tend to follow the trend, even if it is sinful. This must be the reason God directed the writing of this verse.

The development of new ideas brings innovations such as those of technology or fashion. It is almost impossible to deny or go against the wave of such events of the time. For example, development of a new gadget by software companies should just be used to improve the living standard and in glorifying God. New things should draw people to Christ-like life but not away from righteousness. The verse acts as a reminder of the common verse in the Old Testament that states that there is nothing new under the sun. The understanding of the two verses shows God explanation that things might look different, but the intrinsic ideas existed even from time immemorial. Therefore, this reduces the pride of those people who might be thinking that they have surpassed the God’s wisdom. Therefore, renewal of the mind brings innovations.

Conforming to the world involves giving up Christian values and taking up the worldly perception, decisions and even way of doing things. Christians need to remember that the devil never rests, but he always searches for a place to settle and colonies. The devil may use deceitful and colorfulness to draw people to him as God warned. This leads to sinful life and thus punishment by God. It is essentials to keep the teachings of Christ as we adopt the new things in the world to avoid sin.


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