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book Thomas Edison

Thomas Edison was one of the American investor, scientist as well as a business man who used to develop many devices that greatly influenced life along the world. Thomas is highly recalled by many scientists for his last and a very long-lasting practical of discovering a light bulb. This paper seeks to look in which way Thomas Edison perseverance for over 10,000 attempts reflect on a challenge one overcome through doggedness.

Thomas Edison is believed to be a man who was determined and believed in himself, more than many people who cant do that in today’s epoch. This can be proved from the non- resulting practical which are been started but as time goes without having any result or the exact result they do give up. Most people will just attempt once, twice or at most thrice and easily give up after this several trials. In his case, Edison was a brilliant inventor as well as been a true optimist.

Thomas Edison who was not only believed to be a determined individual but was also known for his persistent and he who most of his time strived for excellence, believed that even if someone could fail a task for several times, It is not time for one to give up or get total discouraged by his or her failure, but instead one should look at each of the failure as a step forward and in the right direction and also towards achieving ones goals. Due to his patience he came up with a light bulb which was awaited for long.

After having gone through Thomas history as well as his work of study, have been encouraged in my studies. As a student in the college, have always wanted to excel beyond what was been offered to me in my institution. I do conceder it to be a failure since it’s large and therefore its cut by our budget and therefore everything we need is not well catered for. These results in my education been limited due to the constraints of the economy budgeting co-ordination. After this realized that thing were not all that straight in my case and therefore i had to look for ways of saving my time since the economic recovery could take time before its brought back to normal. Having put in minds to become a pharmacy, I do take biology but any time I try to attend this classes, am pinned down and I do take this as failure and see as if am not supposed to study in this field of science. My dream and ambitions is to get a degree in Bachelor of Science so as this could let me study pharmacy. 

This kind of study have at-times stressed me and I just found my self almost giving up on my chosen career but since I have the ambitions which requires me to take this subject, I’m falsed to have several other lessons in different classes and this have resulted to this subject becoming the best performed as well dedicates my time in studying it.        

Most of my semesters I have felt the recognizable smart of failure by not being allowed to grow in my chosen area of study due to limited seating in classes as well as facilities. Recently I have learned that I can do one of two things with my life thus far. I could continue to sulk in my failure and let it consume my entire being like it has been. On the other hand, I could use these unsatisfying situations, like Thomas Edison had used his failed attempts, as a way of having been close to achieving my goals, Today I felt that I have taken a step in the right direction and towards a better future by sticking to my institution having   been affected by the budget. I write this essay with the ability to understand that each failure is a step closer to my goal and today I shall walk over my failures with my best foot forward. My education is to me what the light bulb was for Thomas Edison.


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