Jan 25, 2018 in Nursing

Health Assessment of Children’s Weight

Children Health Assessment

One of the responsibilities of a nurse is to assess the body measurements of a child. A child’s body measurements can provide an indication of whether the child is receiving adequate nutrition or is at risk for health issues. Health assessments should consider the history of a child’s family, lifestyle, culture and other relevant factors. It is essential for nurses to understand how to get the information about health assessment of a child and communicate the report for efficient health care. This essay explores the process of gathering information in order to promote children health assessment. In addition, it shows the process how one can motivate parents and health care practitioners to be proactive about their children’s health and weight.

I will select the example of an overweight 5 year old boy with overweight parents to illustrate the essence of health assessment. The health issues and risks that may be relevant to this child may include the history of his family, lifestyle and culture. Taking into account that his parents are overweight, it indicates that his condition may be inherited. In addition, it could have been associated with his family’s culture or lifestyle.

To gain a full understanding of the child’s health it is necessary to analyze blood tests of the whole family, his dietary behavior and his body mass index. This will help to build a background about his obese condition. I would gather information through building rapport with parents and conducting an interview. The questionnaire will include the next questions: Does anybody in your family suffer from obesity? Does your schedule include physical exercises? What are your dietary preferences? It is preferable to use the interview since it will maintain confidentiality of the information and avoid being sensitive about it.

I would encourage parents and health care givers to be proactive towards the health condition of children. It can be achieved through learning skills and monitoring different indicators of growth in children. The first strategy I would use is to encourage parents to use growth charts to monitor the pattern of growth for their children. Secondly, I would encourage parents to be conscious of changes in the physical conditions of their children.

In conclusion, nutrition is fundamental for children. It determines the growth and development of individuals. It is essential to take appropriate nutrients for efficient growth of the organism. It is crucial for nurses to consider different factors when assessing the health of children.


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